1. arianaln

    My Biggest Fear


    cc TeddyBrown

    My biggest fear is getting eaten by a shark. This is an irrational fear, I know, especially since the only times I have actually seen sharks in person have been at the aquarium. There really is no story behind why I am afraid of them, but the funny …

  2. arianaln

    Video Unit


    cc SalFalko

    My main goal for the Video Unit is to get familiar with editing software and to experiment with editing footage. I have always been very interested in editing films and love to see how the different ways that clips are arranged and strung together can have such an …

  3. arianaln

    Michigan Radio


    The Michigan Radio website provides readers with news for the state of Michigan. The homepage of the website features a wide variety of news articles that have been most recently posted. Furthermore, under the “News” section on the Toolbar at the top of the webpage, you can find articles based …

  4. arianaln

    Today’s Breakfast


    Our crab cakes benedict is a favorite on our menu that you do not want to miss! Two slices of our award-winning oven-browned bread topped with our homemade succulent crab cakes and scrumptious poached eggs drizzled with our special hollandaise sauce. It’s so good, you’ll clean your plate despite the …

  5. arianaln

    “A Vision of Students Today”


    I found Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” video to be very informative and interesting. He clearly demonstrates the ways in which technology, specifically computers and the Internet, became an increasingly imperative part of our lives and how our generation practically revolves around these technological advancements. By watching this …

  6. arianaln

    20 Uses For A Banana


    Banana bread, feeding a monkey, getting rid of a cramp, practice putting on condoms, sustenance, banana cream pie, use peels as fertilizer, play a prank on your friend (slip on a peel), use as a pretend microphone, training your pet monkey, a source of Potassium, use as a pretend phone, …

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