1. arose

    Another Me


    I woke up this morning and decided to dress for the weather, I found my favorite tan-ish turtle neck, a pair of blue ripped jeans and dirty white converse.

    I tucked my braids behind my ear grabbed my bag and left the house. On my way to school I felt …

  2. arose

    Doth memes equate Art ?


    First of all, Art is subjective and I know that because there is art worth thousands of dollars that does not look like art but it is classified as such. Of course memes are art, that is our way of communicating and connecting with each other. Our parents don’t understand …

  3. arose

    Amanda Meets CT


    I am not and will probably never ever be a morning person, so waking up at 8 to be to class on time for 10 is always a struggle

    And almost EVERY MORNING my dad is in the bathroom when I need to get in there

    When I finally made …

  4. arose

    My Internet happiness..

    SUMMER WALKER :I am currently obsessed with Summer Walker, her music appeals to girls who are kind of going through heartbreak  but even when I am perfectly fine I still cannot stop listening to her music. I love her sound as well as her personality, she’s just herself and she…

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