1. ary

    The Sounds of our American TV Stories

    Audio week is coming up in ds106, and we’ve already experimented briefly with creating our own stories using only sound effects. During that week, I also thought about TV sitcom theme songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and how these songs summarize a show’s storyline in under a…
  2. ary

    What Story Means and How It Matters

    There’s a high school chemistry teacher I know. He’s unsatisfied with his job and his life. He can’t afford to support his family on a teacher’s salary, so he has to work a part time job at a car wash where his boss belittles him everyday. Just when he thought
  3. ary

    Giulia Forsythe, We’re Happy You’re Here!

    Giulia Forsythe was born today! And the world hasn’t been the same. She’s made it different and beautiful for her mom and her dad, her family and friends. Giulia’s being here is no coincidence.  There are many reasons why she’s here. Many lessons she’s learning, and many she’s here to…
  4. ary

    My Cute, Cuddly, Crayola Memoir

    When I was five, my grandfather bought me one of those Crayola crayon boxes with the built in sharpener on the back. One little girl in my class was jealous, and she plotted revenge and set me up! I had four aquamarines, lots of hot magentas; lemon yellows in triplicates,…
  5. ary

    “Frainge Days Indeed!”

    Last night after I got tattooed, I wrote my first post for #ds106 and was thrilled to find my first comment was from Alan Levine, who is really not our teacher …no one heads the course…but there are some very present masterminds behind all of this experimental DIY learning!…
  6. ary

    The Girl With the ds106 Tattoo: Application for Cult Membership!


    Descarada or descarado! In Spanish, literally translated this means faceless; figuratively it connotes shamelessness, boldness! If ds106 has gone headless, no “teach” to tell us what to do, and no face with a pair of eyes to stare into, then we’re all a bunch of descarados… defiant, uninhibited, and courageous …

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