1. @ashranclass1

    End of Year Reflection


    I’ll be honest, this class had its ups and downs for me. I know I missed one week due to being injured, and then skipped a week due to workload, but the rest was a mixed bag. I of course loved the first period of the class that was writing, …

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    Miner’s Misfortune


    So, let’s talk about this Choose Your Own Adventure I made.

    It was honestly a fair bit of work. While true, a lot of it was simple if/else statements or case statements, you do not realize how much bigger things get when there’s alternative paths. Just the first split lead …

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    Miner’s Misfortune How To


    Whoo, so the final project is DONE.


    So to run my little story, you will have to go through a couple of steps, but don’t worry! They’re pretty simple. Go to this website here and download the option that says Netbeans Platform SDK, this is an Integrated Development Environment …

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    Week 14 progress: Code!


    So for the final project, I decided I want to make a program to tell the story! I don’t know if a program would necessarily count as a format all its own, but I do know how to make a program have images popup, and I believe (though I’ve not …

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    Week in review 12


    Remixes were pretty fun to do, getting to indulge all of my dumb nerdy passtimes and go rewatch/relisten to loved videos and songs was great, from the Warlords of Draenor intro trailer to change the pretty epic line “We will never be slaves…But we will be CONQUERORS” to sandwiches was …

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    A dreadful album for a dreadful legend.


    Tells of Mr, Crawlston have circulated through the West for generations, becoming its own corner of paranormal/pop culture storytelling that people love to use again…and again…and again…ad nauseum thinking they’re being edgy and clever.

    It is no different with the British upstart band “Black Sabbath”, a bunch of dour, talentless …

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    Civil War, Crossover Edition


    Everyone is excited for the big Marvel Cinematic Universe take on the events of Civil War, but the DC Cinematic Universe was feeling a bit left out once it realized its big showdown only contained three heroes in it, so Superman jumped universe to join in on the fun.

    Somewhere …

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    Bringing balance


    “It is the only way.”

    “Let me in.”

    “Together we will bring balance to the force.”

    “It is for the greater good.”

    “You must simply…Bring me the seeds.”

    And with that, Anakin finally gave in, he gave in to all his darkest thoughts and desires in his quest to save …

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    Week 11 in review: Ya dun’ goofed again.


    Whelp, hadn’t thought about anything all week, then a mate of mine texts me about a video assignment he did for the week and it hit me like a tonne of bricks, I’ve done nothing for the class this week! So I’ve now raced back home to do what I …

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    Morose Morse


    A message delivered with a heavy heart to a Mr. Crawlston, telling him of the fate that may await him

    I used an english-to-morse translation website for this and just put it in over top an image of a man standing over a coffin, to give it the appropriate tone …

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    Week 10 in review


    Not sure what to say this week, video assignments weren’t too bad, I liked reading some of the articles on cinematography and Every Frame A Painting seems like a cool youtube channel, but when I found myself trying to actually decide what type of shot something was, I honestly couldn’t, …

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    Singing fun


    Saw this assignment and thought it seemed pretty fun, so I chose Gaelic Storm’s Johnny tarr. I doubt many people listen to this type of music, but its great! So I just had some fun and sung along to it!

    When I edited the song into the video, it ended …

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    My ‘exciting’ hobby, painting miniatures.


    It’s really hard to create a video when your best recording devices is a tie up between your phone and your laptop’s webcam. At first I considered trying to do a slideshow of stages of painting a model for this project, but after taking the first couple pictures while painting, …

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    Week 9 in review


    I got to do some writing this week again! Whoo, it was fairly fun, though I’ll be honest I was kind of disappointed at the lack of writing assignments for characters. I hope it was alright that I twisted some of the writing assignments to be usable in the context …

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    The Wild Seven Haiku


    Going off my previous post, here’s a haiku to build on The Wild Seven a tiny bit, from the point of view of Crawlston

    In The Wild Seven

    Waiting for a grand battle

    Then, my rewards come…

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    The Wild Seven


    The Seven Character Story Treatment assignment seemed perfect for using the class’s various characters. Classic teamup movies where wildly different characters must form a cohesive whole is also such a common trope, so this just seemed too perfect to pass up.



    The job was impossible, steal the entire …

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    Space Reclamation


    So foreword here to explain, this story is going to be for the assignment “Different Point Of View – Same Place”. Which says to write out a movie scene from a different character’s point of view. Well since we need to do have our characters intersect with other characters, I …

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    Week in Review 8


    So it was nice having it easy for the past two weeks, the radioshow ended up being fun to do with others and while it did take up a fair bit of time during Spring break, it still left plenty of time to relax. I didone of the dailycreates around …

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    Week 7 in review


    So last week was a tough week. Breaking my leg on Wednesday kind of overwhelmed all other school work I was doing and Week 6 ended up getting literally nothing except a single daily create on tuesday, but I’m back now, and with all of week 7 nicely completed! I’ve …

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    Come listen to Tombcast Radio!


    Tombcast Radio is coming to a station near you! Featuring Mason, James and Josh, this half hour block about DS106 and the West will be a knock-your-hat-off good time! We will be conversing, sharing jokes, facts, and anecdotes for the entire block with sound effects. Get ready!


    So the …

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    Radioshow prep


    So we’re going to have to make a radioshow soon, and I think I’ve got a pretty good start on it. I’m pretty happy with the first commercial I made, and hopefully I can expand on my Mortician’s story to make it something worthy of the radioshow timeblock. I also …

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