1. @ashstvnz

    The Shape of Fallout 4


    Fallout 4 is easily identifiable as a tragedy. The main character, aka the “Sole Survivor”, aka you, does not start out in unfortunate circumstances, however.

    Your house, pre-war.

    In the game’s first few cutscenes we see that you have a nice home in a nice neighborhood, a spouse you …

  2. @ashstvnz

    Week 2 Daily Creates


    In choosing between various ds106 Daily Creates, I decided to use the Random option with the idea that I’d commit to whatever came up.


    This helped to keep my creates different enough from one another and forced me to work with whatever I was given.

    After I completed each …

  3. @ashstvnz

    The Perils of Public Domain


    I remember hearing about a photographer who was suing Getty Images a few years ago, but I had never looked into the details. After reading an article from 2016, which presents the case and what lead to it, I became a little more invested than when I’d simply heard …

  4. @ashstvnz

    Week 1 – Bootcamp Summary


    Here we are at the end of our first week, and I have to say I’m feeling really good about the weeks to come! Last semester was the first time I’d spent significant time working with WordPress and I’ll admit that due to the nature of my classes at the …

  5. @ashstvnz

    The Incomparable Bob Ross


    “We don’t make mistakes, as you know, all we do is have happy accidents in our world.”

    -Bob Ross

    Wow. Watching Bob Ross was the best thing I could have done for myself today. I’ve always been aware of Bob due to pop culture, but am now ashamed to admit …

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