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    Radio Show


    This is the radio show that my group put together. My group decided that we would all record about five minutes worth of content, plus an advert and a bumper. We decided to do a news segment for our radio show, focusing on stories that happened during the second season …

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    Week 8 Summary


    I am liking The Wire more and more with each season. I’m very unhappy that Kima seems to be becoming McNulty because I really like her and I want her to be happy, but she is really pissing me off right now. I am very happy that McNulty is doing …

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    Radio Show Progress


    For the radio show project, my group decided we would split up the work by each making a five minute segment. We decided that we would style our radio show as a news program. I have made a script for and recorded one 3 minute story about Soatka’s body being …

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    Week 7 Summary


    The Wire this week was really interesting. I did not see the thing with Sobatka coming (although in hindsight I should have). Th ending to the season was also handled really well. I like that this season finale had the same feel as the last one. The montage and the …

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    Radio Bumper


    This is my radio bumper assignment (worth 1.5 stars). I made this for the radio show project, so we decided to go with The Wire theme. I decided to use the opening sequence from The Wire as the music (“Way Down in the Hole” by Tom Waits). To make this, …

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    Jail Break Guinea Pig


    Today’s Daily Create – evil guinea pigs
    To do today’s daily create, I opened the door to my guinea pig cage and I waited for Arthur to try to climb out, and I took a picture. I then decided to add some evil eyebrows because, to me at least, he …

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    DS106 Letterhead


    Today’s Daily Create – a ds106 letterhead
    I made this by first downloading the Polygon font from dafont.com. I then made a blank document on photoshop and added the text. I then got the computers from the noun project, and added them to the sides of the text.
    I …

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    Week 6 Summary


    The Wire this week was interesting. I am interested in what will happen to Ziggy. He will probably become an informant for the police against his father, but I’m not sure he has enough details about anything to make a case. Sobatka is also getting interesting as he seems to …

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    Vignelli Canon – Response


    The Vignelli Canon was interesting, even though some of it was outdated. I think the theory behind the method is still good though, even if the technology for making design is different. It is obviously still important to utilize his three aspects (Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic) when making a design. …

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    I Feel…


    Today’s Daily Create – Today I Feel Peaceful
    I made this by drawing the meditating girl by hand and then scanning it in, and adding the text through photoshop…

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    We Are All Artists – Response


    I found Tim Owens’ talk to be really interesting, and weirdly inspirational. The idea that art is all about practice, is something that I was always told growing up (because of dance), but I never thought about applying it to what we do in this class. I assumed that over …

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    TDC Power of 10


    Today’s Daily Create was to merge together previous daily creates into one picture.
    I used this picture and this picture from previous daily create assignments and used photoshop to layer them. I then adjusted the opacity on the top one until a double exposure effect was created. I used the …

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    D’Angelo and Bubbles Empathy Chart


    Today’s Daily Create – An Empathy Map
    I decided to do my empathy map for some characters from The Wire, and I ended up deciding to use D’Angelo and Bubbles because they are an interesting contrast.
    I did the actual map by hand (using a purple pen for Bubbles and …

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    I decided to do the designblitz in my living room, mainly because I didn’t feel like leaving my apartment, but also because I thought it would make for a more interesting challenge, which it did because all we have in our apartment is Harry Potter posters and books.

    This is …

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    Week 5 Summary


    The Wire was really interesting this week. I have never liked McNulty (just in case I have never said that before on my blog) but his story line is becoming more interesting as his life seems to spin more and more out of control. I paid more attention to how …

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    What’s On


    Today’s Daily Create – What’s on

    I used my favorite radio station, 96x from the Hampton Roads area, and recorded one of the bumpers and part of a song. To record it I used Audacity while I streamed the radio station online, and then exported it as an mp3.…

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    For my Photoblitz I decided to do the assignment in my own apartment (mainly because it was raining outside), so all of the pictures are weird things sitting around my apartment. This was a really fun assignment, even though I think I annoyed my roommate because I did it early …

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    Journey to Somewhere


    For the Journey to Somewhere visual assignment, I decided to get nostalgic, and tell the story of the study abroad trip I took this summer. The assignment said to use Google presentation, but I decided to use Knightlab’s Storymaps. I had used this website for a previous project and …

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    Crossing the Street


    I made this photo for the Colorize It Assignment
    I used a picture that I took in London this summer while crossing the street to get to the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. I used photoshop, created a duplicate layer. I then used the quick select tool …

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    Cair Paravel


    For my third visual assignment for the week, I decided to do the Imaginary Places assignment, so I made my version of Cair Paravel from the Chronicles of Narnia.

    I used my own pictures from some traveling I did this summer, and used photoshop to put them together. I used …

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