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    Rainbow Showcase



    For my second visual assignment for the week, I decided to do the Rainbow Showcase assignment. I was originally planning on using one of the episodes of The Wire that we have to watch, but the assignment said that I should use my favorite show, so I decided that Doctor …

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    Road Crossing


    Today’s Daily Create – a picture using uncropped road signs

    I used a pedestrian crossing road sign to make a city street crossing…

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    Week 4 Summary


    I am enjoying this season of The Wire so much more than the last season, especially because it is the same team working on the case, but it is a very different case. I like the mob and murder aspects of the mystery instead of just waiting to see if …

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    Grades and Guinea Pigs 2014-09-20 10:55:43


    This is a sound story that I put together about my days at work. I drive to the train station very early in the morning, take the train in to DC, work/drink tea from the keurig all day, and then take the train back home
    I made this by downloading …

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    I Gotta Feelin


    Today’s Daily Create – My relief after getting home from work and being in my favorite chair with my favorite blanket…

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    Project Brainstorming


    For the ds106 radio project, I think it would be really fun to explore the use of different technology in The Wire. What would the first season have looked like if the drug crew was using text messaging instead of pagers? What about if they didn’t have anything and were …

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    DS106 Robot Radio Bumper


    For my ds106 radio bumper, I went with a techno feel. I used this sound from freesound.org  and a voice changing app on my phone to record the robot sounding “ds106 radio” and then used Audacity to put them together. I was really struggling with Audacity last night, so I …

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    Portrait of a Stranger


    Today’s Daily Create – A Photo of a Stranger
    Today I helped run a golf tournament to fundraise for a club, and I took a picture at the putting contest of some people that I don’t know that were supporting my club…

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    Week 3 Summary


    This weekend, I am not going to be able to do any work for the ds106 class, so I made sure to get as much done early in the week as I could. So to start of, I organized my posts into categories, and then made a menu with different …

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    Web 2.0 Reaction


    I found the Web 2.0 chapter to be very interesting, but reading it was very strange. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but I think what he was trying to explain and then prove through examples was a argument that anyone who has ever used the internet understands …

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    Rock ‘n The Wire


    For my third assignment of the week, I decided to take the Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF assignment and apply it to the season 2 episode 1 of The Wire. I  decided that the bar scene was perfect for this assignment because not only is there a band playing (…

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    Today’s Daily Create – because it’s very hard to stop something with momentum…

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    Website Logo


    For  my second assignment of the week, I created a new logo for the top image for my blog. This was an assignment that I had wanted to do anyways because I was using one of the wordpress pictures, which was boring. I picked one of my favorite colors, but …

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    The End



    Today’s Daily Create – My take on a very real story…

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    Weekly Summary: Week 2


    This week was crazy busy, and I started using ds106 assignments as a break from my other work, because right now it’s my most fun class. First of all – the show. I really got into The Wire for the first time this week. Before this, I have only been …

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    The Wire S1E6


    I think so far episode 6, also titled “The Wire” has been my favorite, because for me this is where the story really became interesting. There are several characters in the series that I already felt for, like Wallace, but this episode also made me feel bad Omar, whom I …

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    Daily Create – My Logo


    For today’s Daily Create, I created my logo. I am a space race history and NASA enthusiast (if those are things) and tomorrow I will be starting an internship with the NASA History Office, so I went with a space theme on my logo…

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    Weekly Summary : Week 1


    This week was a very interesting start to the ds106 class. I have used many of the social media sites before, but had to set up new ones for official school purposes. I did not, however, have any previous experience with WordPress so I spent some time doing some of …

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