1. @batchelorolive

    Brace Yourself: Week 7 Reflective Summary


    This post will be the last of my weekly reflective summaries. Next week I will be posting a much longer reflection, but it will focus on the entire course rather than just a 7 day increment. I am very excited at the prospect, but am slightly disappointed to be ending …

  2. @batchelorolive

    Catching my breath: Week 6 Reflective Summary


    The worst and the best thing possible both happened this week. I felt myself getting extremely fatigued, but I managed to power through it. Overall, Week 6 has been very challenging and rewarding. I am continuing to develop my knowledge of digital storytelling, technological literacies, and my ability to have …

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    John Jacob Astor is a Mean S.O.B.: DS106 Assignment for Week 6


    My personal criteria for completing this weeks DS106 Assignment are as follows:

    Pick something that will enhance your technological skill set and digital literacies. Pick something that can be made relevant to my digital storytelling theme of “Libraries and Librarians”.

    I’ve mentioned these traits as desirable ones in all my …

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