1. Alan Liddell

    Phone blogging


    I don’t have access to a computer, but I have got this high-speed-low-drag Android phone with a WordPress app. So this entry is gonna be short and sweet:

    I got a 1450 on the GRE. Verbal: 700, Quantitative: 750. (Essay scores are not out yet.) This means (I hope) that, …

  2. Alan Liddell

    Not a DS106 post


    Only now, at the end, do I understand.

    I’m keeping this blog, regardless of Jimmmmyboy’s instructions to archive it. Archival’s got such finality to it, and I’m not ready to give it up. It shouldn’t be syndicated after Thursday, that’s for sure, but I plan to keep on keepin’ on …

  3. Alan Liddell

    Study breaking


    I’ve been studying for the GRE for about an hour and a half by this point this morning and I find that I have more difficulty with the math than with the verbal. If you know me at all, you’ll probably be wondering why that is. As y’all know, I …

  4. Alan Liddell

    If we’re so advanced…


    Here I talk about Clerks. How did I do it? Badly, apparently. When this class started, I had some issues getting things done in Linux but I decided I wasn’t going to let it hold me back. And now, I present to you my video essay, wherein I try to …

  5. Alan Liddell

    Year of the Beard

    I pledge to neither shave, trim, chew nor otherwise truncate my beard in any respect for the duration of one (1) full leap year; that is, three hundred and sixty-six (366) days. Herein shall be documented evidence to that effect, such that one (1) photo of my face and beard…
  6. Alan Liddell

    I have an independent study to be doing


    No, seriously, I’m supposed to be building up the sets of natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers and complex numbers – and all the operations thereupon – from a few axioms. But I’m not. It’s terribly interesting, don’t get me wrong. But I’m restless this morning and I can’t …

  7. Alan Liddell

    I’m sorry


    To Jim Groom and #ds106: I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry that you have let your power go to your head.

    I’m sorry that the memory of the transfigured Dr. Oblivion has been betrayed.

    I’m sorry that DS106 has been hijacked by the very mentality that it had hoped to supplant.

    I’m …

  8. Alan Liddell

    If you missed it


    That’s all you get. Because I tried to upload it to Soundcloud and they somehow discovered I had some copyrighted content in the audio. Boooooo.

    Edit: find it here.…

  9. Alan Liddell

    Response to today’s video


    I’m in the process of watching the video now and I expect that once finished my response will be a radio broadcast tonight – probably 9PM EST – after which I’ll put it up on Soundcloud and post it here.

    So if nobody else is taking up the tubes at …

  10. Alan Liddell



    This is the Teenage Angst assignment. Listen to me cry about how hard it was to be 16 without a car.

    How I did it: I mustered up all my poor wittle feewings from Saturday, June 22, 2002 and rendered them in my god-like voice.


    Here’s another rendition of …

  11. Alan Liddell

    On today’s lecture


    Because there’s no way I’m going to be able to do a video response tonight:

    The major theme of today, besides the assignments and the upcoming audio, was commenting. I’m usually simultaneously a comment Nazi and comment whore. I love getting comments and giving comments, but I also have almost …

  12. Alan Liddell

    DailyShoot #592


    I got lazy today and took a screenshot instead of a photograph. In fairness, this is exactly what I think about when I hear the word “deadline”: the end of the summer session and the ever-looming INDEPENDENT STUDY.

  13. Alan Liddell

    Again, for a better tomorrow


    This one was actually really easy. I found Jim Groom’s iconic “Edupunk” photo, opened it with the GIMP and (on Ubuntu Studio, at least) went to “Filters>Artistic>Obama Hope” (seriously). I hardly fiddled with the default values, just set the “Smooth” option a little lower so we could get a bit …

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