1. Alan Liddell

    Webmaking 101 at P2PU


    You #ds106 cats would understand the efficacy of open, online education – here goes nothing.

    I’m checking out this School of Webcraft thing. I never advanced much in my programming beyond a few things I’d consider basic knowledge, and whatever I do have is covered in rust. Lacking any kind …

  2. Alan Liddell

    The end of Itinerant Intolerance?


    No, I’m just going to be migrating over to a new domain, probably on WordPress.com. My domain registration expires in January and I would rather save my money. I’ll be posting where it’s going, so you can update your links (hahahaha) accordingly.…

  3. Alan Liddell

    Migrating to the Mac, Part II


    One little annoyance I’ve had in my switch from Linux to the Mac was the lack of wget. wget is a neat little command-line utility that allows you to grab things from the Web using http, https or ftp. “But Alan,” you say, “I can just do that in …

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