1. Alan Liddell

    The fortune plugin!


    I’ve done it! I’ve gotten the fortune plugin to behave exactly the way I wanted it to. Obviously there’s a ways to go on it – the randomization is not so random, it’s not as pretty as it could be (and I don’t know how it’d even look on another …

  2. Alan Liddell

    Hello, Mastodon


    For you WordPress users, if you screw around with plugins at all, you might have noticed the Hello, Dolly plugin and wondered to yourself what the hell it does. Here’s the official description:

    This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed …

  3. Alan Liddell

    User Agent Nonsensery


    Privacy might be a concern for you as you browse the web. Probably. Go to tracemyip.org to see what They can learn about you just from your browser. I’m learning PHP for my DTLT duties, and a test function echoes your User Agent String (which is what your browser sends …

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