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    Give me a second I…


    My second weekly summary!

    I greatly learned this week that not only is organization important for staying on top of assignments but also for stress management. Despite pulling up the necessary tabs, I got distracted by the amount of stuff to read and the other work I had to do, …

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    Weekly Summary


    I was not expecting to be as lost as I was when it came to getting started on this class. I’m not the most technologically knowledgeable, and it has taken me all week to get our first week’s assignments done (I’m glad I started on Sunday). I can tell that …

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    Mythical Media


    I love the theme of mythology and folklore. I’ve always enjoyed reading about different myths and legends, and stories that involve them.
    When it comes to media, I see the theme emerge from novels to television and movies, and also in the form of music and a variety of different …

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    Hello world!


    Greetings! My name is Briana, and this will be my platform for all things ds106. I’m still trying to figure out some organizational things, but the end goal is that everything that either you, the viewer, or I, the creator may want to find in relation to the course is …

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