1. @BenjoBangs

    How Social Media Digitalizes Us


    If you think that Social Media has had a massive contribution to how digitalized we are as a society in our everyday lives, you’d be onto the right track! I’ve gone and took the time to summaries a few points about how we have become digitalized so strongly as a …

  2. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 9: Video Reacting to Spaghet Based Humour


    SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHET. It’s the freshest and newest meme of 2018, sweeping the internet like an absolute storm. I’ve decided to record a little video of me reacting to this meme, since I’ve placed it as my meme of the month January 2018.

    Admittedly, I didn’t get very far …

  3. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 10: Mixey Mashy Moo Moo


    Mixing and matching films is always good, combining two of your favourites into a wacky and unexpected collaboration. That’s the goal of this neat little assignment I found lying about the mashup bank. Two of my favourite films, which hold almost no significance to each other are the Star Wars …

  4. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 8: You won’t BELIEVE these personality tests!


    We’ve all seen those online personality tests, they’re practically unavoidable for anyone who frequents use of Facebook or Twitter in the modern world, but have you ever taken one? I found myself spending a lot of time when I first began using social media finding out what kind of animal …

  5. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 6: Tattoos that Describe You


    A simple image with a deeper meaning, this assignment gives me a chance to talk about a tattoo I have already had done. The tattoo is based off of the above image, a geometric pineapple. The sentimental behind the tattoo derives from my friends and I’s cheesy use of a …

  6. @BenjoBangs

    A New Pledge – My first Society


    For todays DailyCreate we were asked about a new pledge. I decided to talk about my current experience of joining a Society for the first time at University and how pledging to a new community and overall entering a new community felt. Pledging into Squash was a very easy and …

  7. @BenjoBangs

    Little Bo Peep’s Global Pandemic


    For today’s DailyCreate we were asked to select a new phone for the Global DailyCreate phone. I decided to use this image of Little Bo Peep and her Sheep near a payphone completely vandalised. I chose this image because it prominently shows a globally innocent character attempting to break the …

  8. @BenjoBangs

    Something Simple, Velvet Inspiration


    Following the DailyCreate idea of ‘something simplistic’ I decided to take a single photograph of a banana being held up by one of my hands. This is, in fact something simple however to many people the image of a banana by itself can hold a lot more meaning. The standalone …

  9. @BenjoBangs

    Gaming ‘n GIFs – The Adobe Way


    Creating GIFs in Photoshop is a basic but challenging way to create a GIF from scratch. Most forms of reaction GIFs are created from videos and are often created by websites which automatically complete the process for the user – I’ll let you in on a secret, I used to …

  10. @BenjoBangs

    On your marks, get set, GO.


    The academic year of 2017 has begun at De Montfort University, and so starts the studying and analysis of Social Media Production as part of the Social Media & Technology module within Media Production. But, before talking about the specifics of this module I’m going to tell you a little …

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