1. blackops

    “My First Adventure”


    Archeologists don’t get rich. Archeology doesn’t steal from the past, it opens it, so others can learn from it. – Ned (T. E.) Lawrence, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles – Episode 1.

    Young Indiana Jones

    Thomas and I started our epic Indy journey today, streaming the first episode of the first …

  2. blackops

    The adventure begins…


    A bit of an intro!

    Our son Thomas (8 years old this month) has a fascination with God, religion, culture, mythology and archeology. For these topics, he is full of questions and healthy doses of surprising philosophy. It is no small wonder that he is also in love with the …

  3. blackops

    Trial Run…


    LSU Adventure Science Camp kayaking expedition up a creek to a beaver dam.

    Our first camp is behind us! Since the farm isn’t ready yet, we hosted our first Science Adventure Camp at the Wilderness Resort. What a week it was! A week of fun, learning, adventures, and developing ideas …

  4. blackops



    iPhone for iPhonography!

    I have to say that I feel blessed to have this handy little device with me every where I go. I have the Blackboard and Liberty apps that allow me to perform school tasks even if I am away from my computer. iTunes U allows downloads of …

  5. blackops

    I have a dream


    Just one of the precious moments we would love to share!

    I’ve had it, this dream, for many years. In the dream, our farm is a hub of learning activities and family fun. There are cowboy tents for summer camps and a bath house, rolling hills, woods with trails, streams …

  6. blackops

    To boldly go…


    I have to admit that home schooling (for me at least) has been fraught with struggles. The turmoil goes so much deeper than the classic “what curriculum should I use?” or “what should I teach this year?” questions. It comes from the disparity within me about school in general.

    Why …

  7. blackops

    Adventures in pig


    I have to admit that we followed our stomachs and taste buds on this one! My brother and his family invited us to a family beach party and they supplied the meats for the grill. The steaks were out of this world, like nothing I’ve ever tasted from a store. …

  8. blackops

    News from the FUNie Farm…


    Mocha trying to get the sandwich, with Oreo stuck on the wrong side of the chicken coop – head butting the coop to get to the sandwich first!

    From Thomas:

    Here’s your local Independence FUNie Farm News!

    Independence FUNie Farm is definately a silly place. I once saw Mocha holding …

  9. blackops

    The best parents…


    Thomas getting ready for a jump into the indoor pool!

    It was pleasant, if not noisy, in the glass enclosure of the indoor pool. Outside, the overcast drizzly weather brought an uncharacteristically cool day for July. While it was a nice change after intense heat and drought, it was not …

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