1. boscoe6393

    The Man Behind The Mask


    You may know him as the Darth Vader fanboy, but the masked man, Kylo Ren, takes his job in the First Order very seriously!

    Here is some recorded footage of Kylo hunting down a Masked Rider who is one of the leaders of the Resistance. The Masked Rider doesn’t put …

  2. boscoe6393

    Engl386 Reflection


    During the final week of class, we discussed Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods. We also briefly talked about the Gothic Horror genre and tropes. That made me ponder about the other comics and graphic novels that we read throughout the course and if they had some these tropes. The first …

  3. boscoe6393

    Week 13 & 14 Summary


    Here is the link to my Daily Creates:


    Here is the link to my Remix Generator assignment:


    Here are the links to 9 stars worth of Remix assignments:



    Now here is my blog post about what I think of remixes:


    We spent the last two …

  4. boscoe6393

    What is a Remix?


    Did anyone else have the same revelation that I did when you learned about remixes? I never really thought about it before, but I guess I have remixed a lot of works. Like my most recent video assignments that I have completed were actually remixes in a way. The Taylor …

  5. boscoe6393

    Goku’s Growth


    Going from just a boy with a monkey tail who wants to win the martial arts tournament to being one of the strongest fighters in the universe due to his bloodline is a rather drastic change. As you watch the video, follow Goku’s growth in maturity and strength as he …

  6. boscoe6393

    This is The World’s End


    It was just a normal day for this group of friends until something went wrong. The world began to shake and split open. All Hell broke  a loose and now these guys are trying their best to scavenge and survive  while finding a way to be accepted into  Heaven. Little …

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