1. boscoe6393

    Beginning of an Adventure



    You’ve finally come of age. Today is your big day because it is the start of your journey as a Pokemon Trainer. You have to navigate through your house before you are able to get to the Professor’s house where you can finally get your first Pokemon! But wait, …

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    Lofus’ Favorite Place


    Today’s daily create wanted us to take a photo of the underside of our happy place. Here is the underside of Lofus the nature stick figure’s happy place. As you know, he is a laid back guy, so he loves to spend most of his day relaxing in his bed. …

  3. boscoe6393



    Today’s daily create gave me the task to create a stick figure out of nature, so I grabbed a few blades of grass and a leaf and create Lofus, the laid-back nature figure.…

  4. boscoe6393

    The Dream



    You’re following your dreams of being the world’s greatest boxer. Today is a fight against your strongest opponent yet. Will you get scared and run away? Or will you be able to somehow manage to defeat your foe? Don’t forget the basics of boxing and try not to rush …

  5. boscoe6393

    Week 7 & 8 Summary


    My daily create summary is located here.

    My radio commercial can be found here and the bumper here.

    The 911 call is here and the mashup here.

    Creating the 9 Lives radio show over the past two weeks was a lot of fun. We decided to create …

  6. boscoe6393

    9 Lives Radio Commercial


    I hope this commercial is able to convince you to tune in to the Grumpy Desperados October radio show. We he have some wonderful things in store for you. Spooky stories, fashion suggestions, a history lesson and information about all of the wonderful events going on throughout town. The 9 …

  7. boscoe6393

    9 Lives Radio Bumper


    Tune in everyday during the month of October to the 9 Lives broadcast for the spookiest stories around. Also stick around for a history lesson of this scary month along with details about all of the events going on this month in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Don’t worry, one of our hosts …

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    Well, that was pretty strange. I was having a pretty average day until this guy called. I wonder what his problem was. Demanding a million dollars, buying a million burgers, insulting the operator, something definitely was up with this guy. I do hope he is okay because he seemed …

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    The Vignelli Canon Reflection


    Looking through this small booklet, I find that the concept of being spot on and perfect is rather important with designing. Looking back on all of the different designs that posters, signs, logos and what other things had, you notice that they are always appealing to look at. The golden …

  10. boscoe6393

    DesignBlitz Reflection


    This recycling instructions poster follows the typography concept. Having all capital letters means this is rather important and that you should follow the rules listed. You can also tell how serious they are by the font they chose. Would you take a set of instructions seriously if they had Gothic …

  11. boscoe6393

    My DesignBlitz Findings


    This  week was a pretty nasty week because of all the rain and heavy winds, so I wasn’t able to go out much to take images. However, I was able to go around my dorm and take a few images of signs that were around. As you can see by …

  12. boscoe6393

    Cookie Theft


    Well, Well, Well, looks like we figured out who the Cookie napper is. Too bad we won’t be able to get a confession. This Yoshi thing can only say it’s name and make some weird noises. It’s a good thing that we have some witnesses to testify at the hearing …

  13. boscoe6393

    The Wind Shall Carry Us


    Wouldn’t you want to find a magical bird person and go on an adventure with them? Just flying around the world with the wind beneath you wings with no care in  the world seems like a great  idea, especially if you are a stressed out college student. Heck, it doesn’t …

  14. boscoe6393

    Groom of Steel


    Next summer, Jim Groom will be crashing into a theater near you as the GROOM OF STEEL. Watch as he flies around doing things Groom usually does, but with an indestructible body, super speed, the ability to fly and let’s not forget the most important ability, LASER VISION! Of course, …

  15. boscoe6393

    The Beginning


    “Hey, look at the rock! It looks like someone is advertising something. It seems to be their website and Twitter handle. Oh cool, this person focuses on technology. I have to follow them now and give their website a shot.” Thus, begins Boscoe’s rise to fame as more and more …

  16. boscoe6393

    Talk About Burning Love


    As you can see, this passionate couple is taking Elvis Presley’s, Burning Love, a bit too seriously. How did they even end up in a pool a lava? Don’t you think they should be trying to get get away from all that lava instead of spending their time kissing? Well, …

  17. boscoe6393

    Robin The Bird Wonder and The Majestic Raven


    It was just a normal morning for the Teen Titans before they realized something strange was going on in their base. The other members kept hearing  intense flapping and screeching all around. They look and looked until they found an astounding image. It was their leader Robin and the introverted …

  18. boscoe6393

    A Steamy Hammer


    For today’s daily create,  I was told to combined  some logos. I ended up seeing an Arm & Hammer advertisement earlier today and happened to see the logo for the PC gaming platform called Steam. The logo for Steam kinda looked like an arm, so I decided to combine the …

  19. boscoe6393

    Week 5 Summary


    You can find my summary of my daily creates here.

    My total of 8 and half star of visual assignments here, here, and here.

    Last, but not least, my use of photography tips here.

    I learned a lot about photography this week. I haven’t really …

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    Home Sweet Home


    I decided to take some photos at my parents’ house since I was going to be there this weekend. In the 20 minutes of this photoblitz, I managed to take only a few pictures, but they came out pretty well. Let’s begin.

    The image above shows two things that definitely …

  21. boscoe6393

    Amateur Photography and Reflection


    For this assignment, I decided to take some photos while utilizing the rule of thirds, contrast, and both the foreground and background within the photos. When you look through the album above you will find some very similar looking photos, but they each tell very different stories if you focus …

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