1. boscoe6393

    What does Storytelling mean?


    When I think of storytelling, I think of when I used to sit on my grandfather’s knee while he told me some old war stories. I remember just sitting there at home and listening as he went on and on, and I never hated it. Storytelling gives me the image …

  2. boscoe6393

    Dolphin meets Crab #tdc1338


    “The hit sitcom will air this fall.” Today’s daily create required me to add some captions to an image of a dolphin and crab. I decided to create a story of the dolphin and crab being close friends that have fun messing with each other and making terrible puns and …

  3. boscoe6393

    Summary of Week 2’s Assignments


    This week’s assignments required me to: Complete four Daily Creates, install plugins and customize my DS106 blogging space, two reflection blog posts, and create a GIF from a movie.

    I had a lot of fun completing the Daily Creates. If I had to choose a favorite, it would have to …

  4. boscoe6393

    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


    Michael Wesch’s talk about being Knowledge-able and creating an identity through media reminds me a lot of what I have learned during my time as a Digital Studies Major. In Intro to Digital Studies, we were taught how to collaborate with each other in both the classroom and online. So …

  5. boscoe6393

    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure Reflection


    Gardner Campbell’s article and video is helping us, the students and anyone else, understand the  value of connecting with others online. Being connected is rather important in the Digital Age because we as consumers help with the evolution of technology. Before we connect to others, we should follow Campbell’s practices. …

  6. boscoe6393

    Summary of Week 1’s Assignments


    This week’s assignments for Digital Storytelling required me to: Review the syllabus, create a domain, install WordPress, register my blog on the ds106 website, create a Gravatar, set up my social media, and introduce myself with the multimodel introduction blog post.

    Overall, I felt pretty confident in completing these assignments …

  7. boscoe6393

    The Beginning of the End


    All ready to go for #ds106 !

    — Andrew Boswell (@Boscoe1213) August 25, 2015

    Yes, that is correct. I, Andrew Boswell, am pretty excited to be taking Digital Storytelling this semester.  I’ve wanted to take this course since my freshman year at the University of Mary Washington and now as …

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