1. brandon

    Gif time


    Today’s focus in class was animated gifs. I’ve done gifs before but this objective here was to make a much more sophisticated GIF. We used several images found online. And use Photoshop to created out GIF. I decided to use an image of an owl.  This class taught me new …

  2. brandon

    First panoramic experience


    In my most recent class Prof.Seslow introduced us to panoramic photography. I had seen panoramic photos before but it was my first time actually taking one. Initially Prof.Seslow had the class gather up to take a photo as a group. We used it as an example and then split up …

  3. brandon

    Are memes art?


    Without a doubt memes are absolutely forms of art. One way or another everyone can relate to some sort of meme regardless of how its made. Memes always bring out a sort of reaction to the viewer. I definitely don’t think that they belong in a museum but they are …

  4. brandon

    Friendly competition


    Over the past year I developed a passion to esports. Mainly in part to a new thing called the Overwatch League. During the season I grown to enjoy new things I would of never imagined and share great moments with friends. This past weekend was the OVERWATCH WORLD CUP Los …

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