1. brandonsookhoo

    Ghost Rider GIF Portrait (Part 2)


    On October 4, 2018 in CT 101, we further continued our experimentation with GIF portraits using Adobe Photoshop.  As usual, Professor Seslow explained everything down to a science which really helped me understand this project better.  My fellow classmates Brian and Jahi were also of great assistance. Shutout to you …

  2. brandonsookhoo

    Malcolm X GIF Portrait


    Last week in CT 101, Professor Seslow taught us how to make GIF Portraits using Adobe Photoshop.  My first taught and reaction doing this was *gasp* “This is going to be difficult.”  I was not wrong because it requires it careful attention and good eye sight.  Eye sight you say? …

  3. brandonsookhoo

    A Meme Is Born… Well on Photoshop That Is


    During last week’s class we learned how to create Memes using Photoshop, and I must say it probably the most chill-laxing experience I ever had doing an assignment.  I felt like I was back in kindergarten just looking at pictures trying to create “art”.  Which bring me to my point …

  4. brandonsookhoo

    Making GIFS Be Like… (Reaction GIFS)


    When I enrolled for the class CT 101: Digital Storytelling, I immediately reflected back to my Technologies of Reading course I took a few semesters ago and was kind of worried if I should do this class or not.  But lo and behold, I did chose to enroll it because …

  5. brandonsookhoo

    It’s Lit! (What’s Making Me Happy)


    *Bell rings*  Calling all faculty, staff and students SCHOOL IS BACK in session!  Now I don’t know about you but I love that back to school vibe!  It’s not because I enjoy doing homework or taking exams because believe me I despise as much as you do.  When I hear …

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