1. @BreeNicholson14

    Weekly Summary 3


    This week was all about audio and how that aspect can really help create or change a story.

    I’ll have to admit, this has not been my most favorite topic to study. I wasn’t (and still aren’t) very good at the Audacity software and learning the ways of creating audio. …

  2. @BreeNicholson14

    TED Radio Hour and ScottLo


    For this assignment, we were to listen and learn about audio techniques and ways to use audio to the best of our ability.

    For the TED Radio Hour videos, just by listening to their different techniques (one using sound, the other without) I learned how much of a difference the …

  3. @BreeNicholson14

    Weekly Summary- Week Two


    This week was full of learning about concepts of design. I was able to learn about Vignelli, who was a master of design, and read articles discussing different design concepts and what does and doesn’t make a good design!

    I felt I was able to accomplish most of my assignments …

  4. @BreeNicholson14



    This week’s main assignment took us on a path to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of design. We were asked to carry around our cameras and take pictures of a few designs that we felt were an example of one of the 10 design concepts we learned about. …

  5. @BreeNicholson14

    Destination Postcard -3 Stars


    This was a fun a creative assignment that asked us to create a unique postcard!

    Using my Superimposed app on my phone, I found a nice background of some beautiful mountains and stars! I thought that would make for a nice image and the colors were stunning. From there, I …

  6. @BreeNicholson14

    Favorite Musician GIF


    For my second animated Gif project this week I decided to create a Gif of my favorite musician! My favorite musician is Adam Young, who is better known as the one man band of Owl City. I have been listening to his electronic songs since I was in middle …

  7. @BreeNicholson14

    Weekly Summary- Week One


    For our first week, we were tasked with many projects, like creating our own websites and various visual assignments. The main goal of the week was to get a hang of creating our own online presence, and the class in general.

    Overall, I feel as though I did a relatively …

  8. @BreeNicholson14

    Reflection on Visual Storytelling


    Overall, learning about new and creative ways to tell a story via creating or capturing different photos has been an amazing and exciting experience! I have never had much of a hand when it comes to photography or editing photos on my computer, so being challenged with these different tasks …

  9. @BreeNicholson14

    Photo Safari


    For this assignment, after learning a few photography tips, we were to put those tips to the test and try out a fun scavenger hunt of photos.

    Within a 15 minute time span, we were to try to take as many suggested photos as possible, without going over the time …

  10. @BreeNicholson14

    How to Be a Better Photographer


    One of our main goals this week was to take a look into bettering our photography skills. To start off, I decided to read some of the provided links and tips on how to achieve better takes. One of the most important tips I learned was about how to use …

  11. @BreeNicholson14

    Shadow of a Doubt


    You hear a creak down the hallway in the middle of the night. You’re in bed and sit up, trying to decide if it is worth it to check out the disturbance. You listen, and hear nothing, so you decide to lie back down. Just as you go to close …

  12. @BreeNicholson14

    Five Frame Story


    I chose do tell a story using only five photos for one of our visual assignments this week. Can you guess what the story is about?

    Hmm.. Dish is empty… Time to refill… …with kale! Kale is on the way! Yummy kale!

    The story is about feeding my bunny! Though …

  13. @BreeNicholson14

    Your Very Own Spubble


    For our Spubble Assignment I decided to go with a picture of a beautiful german shepherd pup I babysit from time to time!

    This beautiful pup’s name is Zena!

    This is a picture I took while playing with the pup, then used an app to superimpose a text bubble over …

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