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    Week 13 Summary


    This has been a hard week, we have worked hard to decipher all of the clues that we could find.  Eventually we did find the thief, even it it was someone very close to the case.  Here are all clues


    Here are a few of our tweets for this …

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    George and I found a lot of clues this week.  This was a tough case but we solved it.  We know that Professor Burtis is innocent until proven guilty but I don’t think she can defend herself against all the evidence we have accumulated.

    Here is our video with all …

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    So far this week George and I have been looking at clues.  We have a pretty good idea of who took the Night Driver Game, but we want to be sure before we make any accusations.  We have played the game and found some interesting footage.  We have also seen …

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    Tweet Tweet Tweet


    I have been tweeting to try to get our case out there.  I think I upset Burtis with my accusations, but I have to go where the clues lead.

    We are going to find the Night Driver,there are many suspects we are working to eliminate as many as we can …

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    A New Case to Crack


    I just got a new case, very vague, but a few clues to follow.  The first thing I’m going to do is research the missing item.  That is right up my alley.  I played the game and found this really weird clue.

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    Week 11-Really???


    This week we worked on our characters and created a Agency.  Barbara and I have brainstormed to see how a Librarian/Detective would have any thing to do with a Mobster.  We found an interesting way to do this and we look forward to sharing our story.

    We were asked to …

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    Isabelle McIntosh-Resume


    This 3 Star assignment was to create a resume for Isabelle.  I used MS Word to create it.  I used this exercise to further create my character.  Here is her resume, even though I don’t think she could handle another job.

    Isabelle McIntosh (link)

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    Daily Create 4-3-2015


    This Daily Create was to save Noddy.  I saved him and brought him to my house.  I think he liked it.  I used Gimp to do this.  I’m really trying to get used to this program.

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    More Advertising


    I did this poster because it shows my group.  Barbara and I decided that we should include Professor Bond in the ad because he has instigated this “Agency”.  I picture him as kind of a “Charlie” figure like they used in “Charlies Angels”.   I hope he doesn’t mind heading up …

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    Isabelle McIntosh-Storify


    I picked this 2 Star project in order to give the background of my character.  I thought it was an excellent way to develop her character.  I used Storify and I illustrated it with pictures I have posted on Flickr.   I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t work.  Here …

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    Newspaper Article


    This is a 3 Star design assignment.  This assignment is to create a newspaper article and I used it in my Storify story for another project.  I used Microsoft Word to create this paper article.  It explains a lot about why my character is who she is.

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    Agency Business Card


    This is a 2 Star assignment to create a Business Card for my Agency.  Here is Red’s new card.  I used PowerPoint to create it and duplicated our Agency Logo on the bottom.

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    We need to advertise our new Agency


    This is a 2 star design assignment- Create a promotional flier.  I used PowerPoint to create this flier.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  This flier is to promote our new Agency, the Noir Illusions Agency (NIA)


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    And Then There Were None


    This 5 star video assignment was to do a video essay.  I picked “And then there were none” because Agatha Christie is Isabelle’s favorite writer and someone she aspires to be.  I went through several scenes and marked what I thought was important to the watcher.  The movie was good, …

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    Week 10….already?


    I started this week feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and 15 stars kind of overwhelmed me.  I am not completely happy with my final projects, but I know I did the best I could with the time I had. …

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    Organizing an “Agency”


    I decided to work with George Bozzo (Barbara Hall) on the final unit project.  I believe we can create a great Agency and we have the ability to work together closely and I think that will help.  We think a lot a like and I think we can do an …

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    Public Service Announcement-George Bozzo


    This is a 5 star assignment to create a Public Service Announcement.  I used the emergency broadcast sounds that I downloaded from Freesound.org and I recorded the audio myself.  I used a fellow character in DS106 (George Bozzo) a known mobster and wanted to warn everyone about him.  I used …

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    Video Assignment


    This 5 star assignment was to put together a Montage of a person special to me.   Isabelle’s favorite author is Agatha Christie so that is who I did the montage on.  I used PowerPoint to put it together.  I did research on Agatha Christie in order to make it work.  …

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    Daily Create 3-25-2015


    This daily create was to make an inspirational poster.  My poster is a saying that I truly believe in.  It takes work, but things can be better.  I used PowerPoint to create my poster.

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    Daily Create-3-24-2015


    This daily create was to draw a picture in 15 seconds of Batman.  I looked at a lot of pictures people have drawn and all I can say is I must draw really slow.  Here is my lame Batman Head.

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    Extra Credit


    Listen to DS106radio on Monday night to the radio show from the open participants. The whole thing was great.  Great commercials and I loved the cooking show.  They did a wonderful job putting it together. I even got used to Talky Tina’s voice and enjoyed her as the Fem Fatal …

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