1. briannarosem

    Thanks For Everything DS106!


    Well this is it. I have to say this was my favorite course that I took this semester. I cannot believe it is over and went by this quickly though. I am so thankful for everything that I learned in this course, my amazing professor and all the memories I …

  2. briannarosem

    TDC Ideas


    Well this is it..my final blog post, being written with a concussion and on pain meds..so bare with me please!

    Idea 1: To write all the words you think describe you out on paper. Though to make it fun write it in a way you think describes the word, use …

  3. briannarosem

    Concussions and Online Class: Take 1


    Well this was a crazy week, due to the fact I got a concussion falling out of a tree trying to find noir cat, i’ve been very limited to what I am allowed to be doing when it comes to work and things. I also cannot look at computers for …

  4. briannarosem

    Tune Squad Takes On The Agency Week 1..


    Well the Tune Squad took on our very first attempt at making our agency a thing. We got thrown our first mission to solve, the tale of the missing noir cat..oh my! Me being the animal lover I am, this hit me to the heart pretty hard, but I tried …

  5. briannarosem

    Chicken Parming My Car


    I chose to create my very own license plate because I finally got clearance in order to dive, undercover of course. Because of the high level security I have, I can’t have the state of where I live displayed because that would ruin the whole living in hiding thing. Though …

  6. briannarosem

    Happy Easter! Or Happy Week 11..That Too.


    This week we had to do ten comments yet again and I have to say I love this part because I get to see what kind of crazy things my fellow characters are up to, but it is pretty hard when everyone waits until the last minute to submit their …

  7. briannarosem

    Saving My Man


    Today my job was to get this poor guy out of his little situation he’s in. I used a fishing pole because even though I live in the city and there really isn’t any place to go fishing, I enjoy it because it takes up my time trying to fix …

  8. briannarosem

    Who Am I?


    If there is one thing I have never loved to do, it would be talking in front of people or talking to them. I also love going against the law because of my job and I feel as though I can really do anything that I want to. For that …

  9. briannarosem

    Taking On My Passion


    Today, the daily create was to start a conversation with a complete stranger. Since I am on high watch after the recent release of our video about our Russian Mafia bust, I commented as my alter ego, the cheerleader! This post inspired me to comment because it is really easy …

  10. briannarosem

    Where Does Longs Hide Out?


    I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about where I live and what not. Well truth be told, I don’t actually have a house, I just have a ton of places where I hide out in order to lay low and stay away from the chaos. The daily create for …

  11. briannarosem

    Do It Go To It, Daily Creates, Lets Do It!


    For one daily create this week we had to create finger print art. Since i’ve become really soft and feeling based, I ended up creating a heart and a flower with the finger paint. Who knew I even had a heart though? Of course the flower is blue because no …

  12. briannarosem

    Week 10: Who’s Brianna?


    *Transferring into character Detective Longs, no longer understand or know the name of Brianna Rose Martino*

    This week we had to comment on other characters posts, I am not the nicest person and I do not enjoy giving people positive feedback. I feel as though giving positive feedback makes people …

  13. briannarosem



    After reading this post asking if we wanted to work alone or in a group..well without doubt and how much we loved working together, I am hoping to not only work with a group again, but the Tune Squad again because it makes everything more fun and exciting and makes …

  14. briannarosem

    Tune Squad Take Two..


    Well, the tune squad is at it again coming to you live from The University of Mary Washington. In this series we take on the Russian  Mafia in a series of funny events occurring on campus.

    From dancing around in a umbrella hat to a Blue’s Clue’s song, to find …

  15. briannarosem

    “Springing” Into Week 9


    This week seemed a little bit more easy to manage and keep up with compared to last week.

    We started the week off with another tweet along and like I stated in my post I love these because I love being able to see the different approaches everyone takes when …

  16. briannarosem

    My Life Is Awkward


    Well since we have already said that cheer is my life I felt as though this was appropriate in the sense that I had just gotten back from practice and look terrible and rough.

    My life is super weird and I love cats, I have actually just a app and …

  17. briannarosem

    Rain, Rain Go Away


    I didn’t get a chance to do daily create during the week, so I couldn’t do yesterday’s because it involved one from the day before, which made it hard because I didn’t have to do three, I had to do two.

    So I don’t like rain, rainy days and thunderstorms …

  18. briannarosem

    Tune Squad Takes on The Mafia


    Due to popular demand of how much we loved our group..THE TUNE SQUAD IS BACK!

    Though this time we are taking it to the big screen and coming at you with a video instead of a radio show.

    We sadly lost a important member, Gambino, but the Tune Squad is …

  19. briannarosem

    Tune Squad Reflection


    I was unable to actually tune into our radio show this week due to the fact that I was working with another class group project, so after it I went through and looked for the hashtag and it actually appeared that we did not have anyone tune in to our …

  20. briannarosem

    Dinner at 6?


    The past two weeks we were required to tune into DS106 radio which is actually becoming on of my favorite past times, it really has helped me grasp more of the concept of noir and what it is. I also like it because it has brought to life some of …

  21. briannarosem




    I loved this because I think in current society, love is taken for granted and people truly don’t think about it as something as much as they should. Love is something that is not mediocre and it should be taken seriously and not taken for granted. I think love …

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