1. BriayanMendoza

    Laugh its okay


    Today I finally got the hang of this Vaporwave thing. It was a struggle last week because I was half focused ,but this time I did it. It may look random and I can assure you it is ,but it is mine and I am proud.

  2. BriayanMendoza



    Whats up fellow humans!!!!
    Are any of you guys into rock music, pop punk, alternative rock, you kinda get the gist of where I’m going with this. My buddies in All In Due Time are a great upcoming band and I would love for anyone to come out and check …

  3. BriayanMendoza

    Back At It Again



    I added some eyes with the help of the lasso tool. It was a little complicated because I kept forgetting to flatten my layers .but i got it now lol. There are so many great filters everyone should check out. It makes the image look real trippy.

  4. BriayanMendoza

    Soma Yukihira


     Today in class we were taught how to animate a gif portraying a person, character, animal, alien, etc that has inspired us. Although, it was a little time consuming the process is not to hard ,but anyone reading this already knows that. I chose Soma because I like the way …

  5. BriayanMendoza

    Friends to Foes, Rise to Fall


    Getting to know people isn’t so hard. You have to introduced yourself say hello and find things in common. When you find things in common it makes conversation easier and then you can call them friends. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t like the opinions of your “friends” and have to nonviolently …

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    I was scrolling and clicking through some assignments on the ds106 assignment repository  and found a simple assignment that looked silly ,but fun to do. The basic idea is to crop out a picture of a celebrity I like and add the celebrity into a different environment, one they wouldn’t …

  7. BriayanMendoza

    Why naked..


    The memes that exist nowadays are different compared to the very first memes that sprouted online. I have made some before by using meme generators online ,but I never really made any using photoshop except for that disaster below. Its actually a little hard to make them without any good …

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    Class in a jiffy


      Going into class on the first day is always a little nerve racking for me because I never know what to expect from the class or new Professor ,but this is my senior year and wanted to start it with a better spirit. 

     Many Professors have a set of rules …

  9. BriayanMendoza

    Bittersweet Happiness


    When I first saw this fan-art on the hyped geek website I thought it was very sad yet heartwarming. Im a big fan of anime and manga and grew up watching Naruto and One piece, two monsters in the anime and manga industry. Naruto was my childhood anime, and it …

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