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    I guess I’ll write something here if I ever feel like writing something again, or if I ever need a website again…

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    For this project, the assignment I chose to go with was the “Impress Me” route, where the assignment was to simply impress my professor. It took a while to actually think of what I wanted to do. To be honest I went to youtube to look for inspiration. My inspiration …

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    For this assignment, Buffalax, we had to take a video that is not in English and give it some English subtitles. I had a lot of fun making the subtitles part since I do this all the time anyway (listen to this music). It was the trying to get …

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    The “ABC” Savage Mashup


    In this assignment, Vocal Instrumental Mashup, we were meant to take the music from one song a pair it with another song’s vocals. I had a lot of fun with this one, but I think that one of the hardest parts was trying to find songs that have about the …

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    Rizzo Documentary


    For this assignment, Mini Documentary, we were meant to make just like what it sounds, a mini documentary. You were also meant to do someone not in your family, and not one of your friends. First, rude. Second, what stranger wants to tell another stranger their story? Now don’t …

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