1. brittney13

    When Smartphones are replaced by SmartWorlds


    It is a given that in the future technology will pervade the currently untouched parts of our life and existence. It is either incredibly exciting or unbelievably scary depending on your point of view.

    Here’s peek into Ab’s life of the future.…

  2. brittney13

    A roundabout take on India’s startup hub: Koramangala


    Plonked in the south-eastern part of Bengaluru, walled by the brutal Hosur road on the west, is the surreal suburb that is home to India’s startup frenzy. Life in this proving ground for Indian startups is filled with new adventures, strange phenomenon and fascinating characters. …

  3. brittney13



    Solve each level by colliding the positive balls into the negative balls. Use your wits to arrange the balls perfectly. Each new level brings new twists and harder gameplay. Become a master of Collider and pass every level!

    Unique gameplay Different solutions Solve each level!…

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