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    Week 14: Final Project Part 1


    This week, I started doing all the assignments involved with creating my final project of finishing the story about my created character of Buck Smith tracking down Crazy Joe Shooter after there was evidence that pointed to Crazy Joe being the person that shot Mr. Blackhawk. Over the next two …

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    Backup Phone Conversation


    Here is a phone conversation between Buck Smith and his good friend, Jimbo, about teaming up to go to Train Man Inc. to arrest Crazy Joe because it is thought that there will be much resistance if this company was evil enough to hire a man to shoot a innocent …

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    Train Man Inc.


    As Buck investigated the letter he noticed that it was sent by the Train Man Inc. Security team to Crazy Joe Shooter that was addressed at being delivered just an hour ago. The letter read “Thank You Mr. Shooter for helping us with our Indian problem by striking fear into …

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    Splashing Color Raid


    After gathering evidence about the suspect, Buck had his gun ready as he entered the residence of Crazy Joe Shooter, expecting a full blown shootout. But it never came. Crazy Joe wasn’t there like Buck thought he would be, and the place looked like no one had been living there …

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    2016 NBA Mock Draft (Pre-Lottery)


    1. Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons SF/PF, LSU


    2. Los Angeles Lakers: Brandon Ingram SF/SG, Duke

    3. Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn Nets): Dragan Bender PF/C, Croatia

    4. Phoenix Suns: Jaylen Brown SF, California

    5. Minnesota Timberwolves: Henry Ellenson PF, Marquette


    6. New Orleans Pelicans: Jamal Murray SG, Kentucky


    7. Denver Nuggets …

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    2016 NFL Mock Draft


    1. Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff QB, California

    2. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz QB, North Dakota State

    3. San Diego Chargers: Laremy Tunsil OT, Ole Miss

    4. Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey CB/S, Florida State

    5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joey Bosa DE, Ohio State

    6. Baltimore Ravens: DeForest Buckner DE, Oregon

    7. …

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    Week 13: Web Mayhem


    This week was the worst week when it came to stress and schoolwork, because professors want to have every group assignment/15 page essays due at the same exact time. So this week I was dealing with high pressure assignments not just in Digital Storytelling. But I was able to push …

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    Google Translate Fail


    In this 2 star assignment, I had to find a website that was in a foreign language and laugh at how awful the translation is when pressing the translate to English button using Google Chrome. This was pretty easy assignment because I already had an idea what website I was …

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    Alienware Area 51 Customer Reviews


    In this assignment I had to use a Mozilla Firefox tool called X-Ray Goggles to edit a copy of a webpage’s html coding. I thought that the assignment seemed like it would be frustrating and difficult to complete. And after completing the assignment my opinion has changed only slightly due …

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    Personality Quiz


    For this assignment, I had to create a Buzzfeed Personality Quiz of anything I wanted with at least 3 results with descriptions and 6 different questions. This sounded like a fun and interesting assignment that I felt that I could accomplish, so I started creating my own Personality Quiz on …

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    Pinterest Dream Vacation


    I’ve never used Pinterest in my life because I’ve never known what you’re supposed to do on it. So when I saw an assignment that included using Pinterest to create your dream vacation I figured now was the best chance I was going to get to finally figure out how …

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    Week 12: Mashup Remixes


    This week was all about mashups and remixes of assignments. It was filled with creative thinking and filled with designing/manipulating things to make them different then they were originally. Here is how my week doing mashups/remixes went.

    On Monday, I did absolutely nothing except plan what assignments I would tackle …

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    Lines, Dots, & Curve Tutorial


    During my semester in ds106, I found this assignment to be the best assignment all year. This was the best assignment in my opinion because it was easy and fun. It was easy because you didn’t have to do a lot; all you had to do was follow the directions …

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    Favorite Team Mashup (Remix)


    This assignment interested me as soon as I saw it. Anything that deals with sports immediately gets a consideration with me. So when I saw that this assignment was mash together two or more of your favorite teams logos I had to complete it. Then as a remix, I had …

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    Movie Poster Mashup (Remix)


    The original assignment was to take two comparable movies that you like and create a movie poster that incorporates both movies. Then the remix was to translate or add a foreign language to the assignment in some way. Overall, this assignment would then total 6 stars due to the remix.…

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    Movie Mashup (Remix)


    For this mashup assignment, I had to use my favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the trailer. So I thought that it would be fun to make a normally happy trailer into a more mature or horror version. I …

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    Video Showcase


    This week there was special assignment that was assigned to the video group where we had to go through all the posts throughout the week and post what we thought were the top 6 videos of the week. Then we would have to describe why we picked that specific video …

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    Week 11: Finishing Videos


    This week there were a lot of video assignments to complete. I admit, I was very intimidated when I saw that we had to complete 16 stars worth of assignments and 3 daily creates. But after going through the week, I can say that it wasn’t as bad as I …

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    This is the assignment that I was most worried about throughout the week because the assignment was to create a 2-3 minute mini-documentary about someone fascinating who is not a best friend or close family member. This made me the most worried because my 2 best friends and parents are …

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    5 Second Film: The Plan


    This assignment was one of the hardest assignments with trying to figure out what to do. The concept seemed easy with it being that you just have to take a 5 second film about anything. This means that you have to have something quick to film like a quick joke …

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    Moving Object Vine: Beans


    The second assignment of the week was to post a vine of a moving object. I figured this would be a fun, quick assignment that would give me more time to complete more complex assignments throughout the week. I also wanted to relate it to my character in some way, …

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    Western Intro: The Unexpected


    This assignment was to create an intro that could be used for the beginning of a movie. You had to create an intro for any sort of movie that was around 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds long, then narrate the beginning of the movie.

    Since it was …

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    Week 10: Making Videos


    This week was very busy for Digital Storytelling in my opinion, we had to create lots of different videos using some sort of video editing software, learn about cinematography, and watch one of the movies provided.

    My week started early because I wanted to get stuff done, so I started …

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    Django: Unchained Video Essay


    This assignment was the trickiest assignment all week for me. I read all the different resources provide like Ebert’s essay and Zhou’s series of movement, reverse shots, and ensemble staging; yet I felt like I hadn’t learned really anything, other than just see some examples. I tried my best in …

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    Cowboy Hat Drawing Tutorial


    For the assignment “30 Second Documentary”, you had to create a 30 second video involving any topic that you desired. I needed to make the assignment related to my created character of Buck because I needed 4 stars involving my character. It was actually harder than I thought of thinking …

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    Small Soldiers Spoiler


    In this assignment we had to spoil a movie by making a short video. This entailed finding all the major scenes relevant to the movie and combining them all into one small video.

    I couldn’t think of any movie that I wanted to spoil for anyone that was recent. So …

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    Kingsman: The Secret Service Silent Trailer


    For this assignment, I had to make a 3-5 minute movie trailer formatted the same way as movie trailers from the silent era where the trailers had black & white, silent dialogue, musical backgrounds, and title cards.

    The movie trailer that I decided to use for the assignment was Kingsman: …

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