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    Highlight Mix


    This was by far the coolest assignment that I had the chance to do. The assignment was channel my inner ESPN and clip together a highlight mix to your favorite athlete, adding music to the background, and having an intro. I have so many favorite athletes, so it was hard …

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    Ninth Week: Radio Show Feedback


    This week was a nice week in Digital Storytelling, there weren’t any challenging assignments and helped account for no stress. We got to listen to everyone’s radio shows and enjoy assignments that progressed our characters we created. Here is a recap of my week.

    On Monday, I mostly planned how …

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    ds106 Radio Listening


    Listening to other people’s projects is always a fun thing to hear. To me this is my favorite part about group projects; listening to presentations after they are finished. This week I had the chance to listen to other groups’ radio shows of “You Might Be A Cowboy If…” and …

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    Attempted Murder Status Report


    In this assignment, I had to create a status report to summarize findings for the public. This was a good assignment for my character of Buck because he is currently investigating the shooting that happened in the sound effects assignment where an Indian man known as Mr. Blackhawk was shot …

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    Character Resume


    For this assignment, I had to create a resume for my created character of Buck Smith. It was actually quite easier than I expected because I just used the template that I already had for my own resume still saved on my computer.

    All I had to do was erase …

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    Noir/Pulp Cover


    In this assignment, you had to capture the feel and look of an old paperback set in a noir setting. I figured this was a perfect assignment for my created character of Buck because he is a law enforcement official that also has the title of detective.

    To complete this …

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    Eighth Week: Radio Show Week 2


    I got really confused what Week 8 was supposed to be.  I thought that Week 8 was during Spring Break because it is an online class, and my group thought the same thing.  So we tried to finish the Radio Show Project and our daily creates before March 4.  At …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    Week 2 progress of the Radio Show actually occurred during the week of spring break due to an error on our part for thinking that the Radio show was due on the Friday during Spring Break.  We even finished that Thursday night, and then the next day noticed it wasn’t …

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    Seventh Week: Radio Show Week 1


    This week was a very busy week for me anything really substantial done for the Radio Show Project. It seems like all my professors just wanted to get one last test in before spring break. Although I was really busy during the week, I was able to complete all the …

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    Radio Show Week 1


    This week was a very busy week for almost everyone in my group. It’s the week before spring break, and all professors want to get their last test in before their students go on spring break. So group goals this week were to establish a communication with each other, and …

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    Radio Show Promo (Tombcast)


    For the Radio Show Design Project, I had to create either a poster, bumper sticker, or logo that helped represent the radio show that my group was trying to capture. From what we’ve discussed through multiple emails, I concluded that we were going for a relaxing comedic show that talked …

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    Cowboy Theme Song


    When I first saw this assignment description, I was excited because I thought I could get creative with my very own theme song. For the assignment, I would have to create my own theme song using an instrumental from a song and adding sound effects. I was thinking of all …

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    Guess the Song


    This assignment was more tricky than expected. In this assignment, I had to cut down my favorite song to 30 seconds and remove the lyrics so that people could guess what it was. It sounded pretty easy, but it turned out to be more time consuming than expected. I figured …

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    “Trap Queen” Slowed


    This was the first assignment of the week that I completed for 4 stars out of the 10 needed this week.  The assignment was to make a song 800% slower to potentially create an ambient background.  I really liked the idea of making a song that I know as slow …

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    Sixth Week: Artistic Designs


    This week was one of my favorite weeks of Digital Storytelling because I actually enjoyed completing every assignment. It fit with the types of things that I enjoy with art. Like the feeling of just being able to be free by drawing or designing things instead of doing assignments out …

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    Western Designs


    This week I have learned a lot about design. Whether it be from reading Massimo Vignelli’s “The Vignelli Canon” or by completing the earlier assignment of creating a DesignBlitz. It has been good week about learning about the different concepts of design. After learning about these concepts, I looked at …

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    This week’s DesignBlitz was the assignment I was least looking forward to this week. I don’t know why I felt this way, but I had to get through this feeling and just do the assignment. So I did all the other assignments first and tried to take as many pictures …

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    The Vignelli Canon: Impressions


    I’ve always liked anything dealing with art and design.  The way that shapes and colors interact to form something that catches your eye has always amazed me. Personally, the designs that I’ve always liked were minimalistic or simple concepts. There is an organization to this type of design that just …

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    Digital Reflection of Myself


    This assignment of making a digital reflection of yourself was actually quite easy in my opinion. It was kind of easy because on my Xbox Live account I had already created a virtual/digital version of myself. The only thing that I had to figure out was how to get it …

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    Heroes Cereal Box


    This assignment was my favorite that I’ve done for Digital Storytelling this semester. Also, the assignment turned out to be a lot of stars at 4.5 stars. The assignment was to create your own cereal box cover using a mascot. So once again I immediately went to my Sketchbook app …

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    Four Icon Movie


    For this 3 star assignment, I had to create four icons using minimalist designs that would show a story or movie that people might know. Then to have people guess what that movie is. So for this project, I didn’t want to make it too easy to guess and decided …

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    HIMYM Minimalist TV Poster


    For this 3.5 star assignment, I had to either create a TV or Movie Poster using a Minimalist design. I’ve always liked looking at things with Minimalistic design qualities, so I was looking forward to this assignment. The only tricky part was picking one TV show or Movie which I …

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    Fifth Week: Audio Nightmares


    This week was the most frustrating week so far in Digital Storytelling for me. It was the most frustrating because I couldn’t figure out the Audacity software until late, and I forgot an assignment after it was too late. The assignment that I forgot to do was the Live-Tweet of …

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    DS106 Radio Bumper


    I didn’t know what a radio bumper was until it was described to me in the assignment. Then after I knew what it was, I kept thinking about what radio bumper would be good if I had a radio show. So I recorded my very own radio bumper for my …

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    Poetry Reading


    I’ve always liked poems. Whether its reading it in a book, as a quote on Twitter, listening to poems being read, or just listening to the poetry in music I’ve always liked poetry. So when I saw the chance to finish off my audio assignments with a reading of a …

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    Never Too Busy (Song)


    For this assignment, I am going to share with everyone a song that reminds me of the past. It’s a Rhythm and Blues (R&B) song that I would always listen to as a kid on car rides. It was during this time as a kid, when I had no worries …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    If I were to have a radio show that was themed after the Western genre, I wouldn’t have that many ideas which would reach a wide range of radio listeners to keep them interested. But here are some ideas which I think could be good ideas for humorous segments on …

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    Cowboy Attack


    This was the most frustrating assignment I’ve done because of the Audacity software. I couldn’t figure out to do things even after playing with the software for an hour. Also, the program started to mess with my computers’ functionality and make everything all slow. However, I was able to create …

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    This week in Digital Storytelling, we have to do 8 stars worth of audio assignments from the audio bank. So I wondered what assignment I would want to do, because I wanted to do an assignment that was fun. It didn’t matter to me how many stars it had, it …

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