1. @camowalker22

    Week 12: Weekly Summary


    This week I got to use iMovie some more which I really enjoy. Making the tutorial was fun to do because I always see other tutorials online for stuff I look up like this, so it was cool to make one. The remixes make the assignment bank assignments more fun …

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    Week 12: Mashups and Remixes

    Remix It: Put a ‘stache on it.”
    Song: Tequila by The Champs
    I had to create myself in the animoji app and then I found the facial hair section and chose the classic mustache. Its basically Christmas now so I had to put the Santa hat on. Remix It: Cancer…
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    Week 12: Make a tutorial

    Step 1: Find clips for the character description you want to do on youtube. I find the Joker story very entertaining so thats why I chose him Step 2: Find a website that downloads the Youtube videos to your computer so you can cut the clips and put them in…
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    Week 11: Weekly Summary


    This week was a very creative week, making the video compilations of my favorite villain, The Joker from The Dark Night, being able to kind of tell his story from that movie was very enjoyable. Making the musicless music video was odd but funny when you play it back and …

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    Think Ahead: Project Ideas


    I really like my original ideas but some more ideas for a project would be:

    80’s crime scene Some type of storytelling Compare 80’s video game consoles to the ones from today Re-enact scenes out of an 80’s TV show like Full House Name that 80’s Movie Name that 80’s…
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    Week 11: Video Assignments

    Getting to know the joker
    I found clips from “The Dark Night” on youtube and downloaded them. Once I did that I put them in order so the story makes some sense. I got the Jokers stories that he tells people in order. Musicless Music Video
    It took me a…
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    Week 9: Weekly Summary


    This week was an easy week work wise, I really enjoyed doing the daily creates and making a story out of all of them. It was nice to hear all of the radio shows and hear all the different bumpers and sound effects that people used. Finishing up the radio …

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    Week 9: Radio Show Reflection


    I listened to “80s Television Power Half Hour” and I really enjoyed the intro because it sounds like an actual 80’s broadcast to me. I dont know if its my computer or something but at the beginning the intro plays twice, usually people would find this annoying but I actually …

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    Weeks 7 & 8


    This week was all about getting into our radio show groups for Weeks 7 & 8. Once we all got connected in some way, in our case it was email, we decided to make a google doc to add any info we wanted about what our radio show was going …

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    Week 6: Summary


    This week I learned how to design posters or book covers. I really enjoyed this because it allows you to be creative and tell a story before putting any description below it. Being able to create posters based on the classes theme of the 80’s was fun to do. The …

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    Design Blitz


    Delsym’s use of the color orange gives a very strong and energetic feel because the view will trust the product and have the feeling that they will feel better and not cough as much in this cases. Aquafina doesn’t need to use any crazy fonts or images on their products …

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    Week 5: Assignment Bank

    I Can’t Eat This
    Body image is a very serious topic because people can’t enjoy their food or life because they are always worried about what to eat or what people think about them eating something like a bacon cheeseburger. I chose to show someone holding up a sad face…
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    Week 2: Assignment Bank

    I love this photo because this is my dream car. This is an Audi R8, I personally wouldn’t wrap it in gold chrome but it still looks insane.  Do what you love because this is what will make you excited to wake up everyday and do. Fornite is a Battle…
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    Week 5: Listen


    Sound can drive stories by creating suspense or excitement in the viewer or listener which also gets them engaged in the story. It can make a viewer scared, happy, sad, or any type of emotion that the story is trying to portray. …

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    Week 5: Weekly Summary


    This week I learned how to mashup audio which was pretty confusing . Using Audacity is very frustrating to understand, it took a lot of work to get the ball rolling. I really enjoyed making the story without and words and only sound effects, I felt like I was making …

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