1. @carrie_vogel

    Another Week Gone, Soon It will be Done.


    Actually, the process of blogging will never end, but the units to DS106 will eventually run out and then I will have left Daily Creates and random other things I can still make. Creating, setting up, filling in all the little bits to this site has been a wonderful learning …

  2. @carrie_vogel

    The Road Never Walked On, Just a Click Away.


    In our digital age, there are now more “roads” that extend far beyond what you can measure on Earth. Businesses, in hopes of staying current, took the beaten path off the pavement and placed it on your screen. Your direct viewership gains their business the foot traffic it takes to …

  3. @carrie_vogel

    Nuggets of Wisdom: is it art?


    Recently I enjoyed some good humor that included a great discussion on what makes art a real piece of artwork? Now I’ve lived my entire schooling career up through college with some focus on creating and contemplating art itself, and I found these different viewpoints absolutely endearing and humorous! So …

  4. @carrie_vogel

    In a nutshell, Me


    If I had to choose just one picture of what it’s like to be me, full of creativity and humor, add a dash of silly and here is me! And that as a Mama Bear I will do everything in my power to protect my family and friends. Loyal to …

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