1. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #7


    What a week it has been! This week was dense with radio show assignments, along with creating content that pertains to it. I worked on making a commercial, poster, and mashup of spy songs for the show…along with working with my group members to design how the show layout will …

  2. @CatyWarner

    Radio Show Progress


    This week, we started our radio show and it has been actually pretty enjoyable. My group is doing a radio show on women spies, called Girl Power. We created a google doc where we compiled our ideas and made an outline for the how the show is going to go. …

  3. @CatyWarner

    Girl Power Radio Bumper!


    To show off our radio show about female spies, I made a radio bumper!

    This radio bumper is specific to the radio show I am working on in my group, where we talk about the portrayal of women spies in media!

    To make this bumper, I first got some cool …

  4. @CatyWarner

    Spy School Commercial


    For this audio assignment, I decided to do a commercial advertising a (fake) spy school course that’s being held this summer. I thought it was kind of nostalgic, because when I was a kid I went to this “spy class” at a local Borders (remember when those existed?) and …

  5. @CatyWarner

    Promo for Girl Power


    This week, we’re starting our radio shows!! Whoop Whoop! I was a little uneasy about the idea of making a radio show-I was between a lot of topics-but I found a great group that is talking about women spies and how they are portrayed in media, and I think i’ll …

  6. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #6


    This week has honestly been so crazy for me. This past weekend I volunteered at the SPCA, and ended up coming home with TWO puppies (I adopted one, my in-laws adopted one as well!) and that pretty much dictated my time allowance all week. Regardless, I had fun doing this …

  7. @CatyWarner

    Design Blitz!


    Yay! Another something-blitz! I had fun doing the last photo blitz, I hope this one is just as fun.

    For this one, I thought of specific brands more, and utilized the internet more.


    For typography, I thought of the specific font choices that my brother made for my wedding …

  8. @CatyWarner

    Thoughts on Design


    Like I’ve said in past blog posts, I really am not the most design-intuitive. But my brother sure is, being a graphic designer and all. I still chuckle when I think about when I was planning on making my wedding invitations, and after they were all typed up and settled …

  9. @CatyWarner

    Photography of a #BodyPosi


    I think body positivity is something that hits home for me, as I assume it would for many women especially. The constant societal expectations to have the perfect body is so exhausting to have on one’s shoulders. Men experience it too, but being a woman, I see it from the …

  10. @CatyWarner

    Alert: Opinionated Billboard


    So throughout social media and the news, many of you have probably seen that anti-vaccinating parents are a thing. Which is beyond me, because it doesn’t make sense that parents (who are supposed to care for their children) would make their child vulnerable to diseases that haven’t been mainstream in …

  11. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #5


    This week. Ahhhh, this week. I was dreading it at first, because honestly I didn’t know the first thing about editing sound or using Audacity (or any other sound-editing software for that matter). But after a couple of failed attempts and successful goes, I finally got the hang of Audacity, …

  12. @CatyWarner

    Radio Show Ideas!!


    When I used to live in Fredericksburg, I would drive to work in the morning (I was a nanny) and I would listen to morning radio shows about the news, celebrities, and weird random facts. It was actually really fun and got me to wake up, along with my morning …

  13. @CatyWarner

    Listenin’ to the Radio


    Last night I listened (and tweeted) along to the radio show, which had to do with a Bond story. It was hard to get into at first, and I paid attention only to tweeting the background sounds, shifts in setting, and sound effects, but the plot eventually got better and …

  14. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #4


    Welp, this week was pretty eventful. I actually really enjoyed the visual assignments aspect of it, but with the many necessities of life I wasn’t able to fully dedicate as much time to class as I would’ve liked to. I did, though, get to accomplish one goal that I was …

  15. @CatyWarner

    Helga’s Gullet


    This is a weird request, but since all you millennials care about documenting everything you eat/drink, I guess I will help out. Here is the last three things I drank out of, which I took a picture of for Caty’s visual assignment.

    You kids sure are peculiar, wanting to see …

  16. @CatyWarner



    So yesterday was my 22nd birthday, and it was so funny because Heff and I always joke that we’re too old to party now, and we just drink dry red wine at home with our cat and dog in our pajamas. Super lame, but soooo comfy. But yesterday we got …

  17. @CatyWarner

    Photoblitz! Madness!


    I did the photoblitz challenge and I had just barely made the time for it. But it was really fun! I think the part I liked the most about it was trying to create the scenes I would capture in my head beforehand. Actually taking the picture was just a …

  18. @CatyWarner

    Contrast, Depth, Lighting, Oh My!


    Sooo the I got really excited, and I know it was suggested that we use cinematography stills to analyze based on selection, depth, etc….but today was a beautiful day, and I became a little camera-happy. So, I decided to showcase some pictures of the past and present and share the …

  19. @CatyWarner

    Photo Reflection of a Photography Lover


    I am probably the most unartistic spawn of my parents. And before you’re like, “oh no, no way, I can only draw stick figures” let me just say that I am a little more artistic than that…I just come from a very artistic family. And I mean really artistic. Just …

  20. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #3


    What a week it has been.

    With school in full swing and a full course load has approached, things are getting crazy. This class, however, was a nice break from the regular formal papers, class video-chat meetings, and boring books to read.

    This week was writing week! Yay!!! All things …

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