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    Week 12


    Well this week I felt it was pretty easy to do the assignments it was a nice little mental break from all of the impending deadlines from my other classes. I really enjoyed it because I loved the book i read so much. SO doing all those star assignments were …

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    So during this week I encrypted some evidence that we already found but I used a decoder to find out what the message said.



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    The Unnamed Midwife in GIFS!!


    The Unnamed Midwife wakes up in a hospital with no one else around.


    Then she goes looking for her friends or anyone


    she cant find anyone so she then goes home


    then in her apartment she gets attacked by a man who is sick and tries to …

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    Bucket List for The Unnamed Midwife


    The main character is the unnamed midwife she goes by different names throughout the book to protect herself. So i’m referring to her as the unnamed midwife. In this post apocalyptic world people have low to no birth rate.

    Find a cure for the disease that is killing everyone.The unnamed…
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    End of week 10 AMEN!


    Well I really enjoyed the assignments this week because I got to watch a cool new movie Children fo Men Next was all the assignments. THis week was pretty difficult because i had my first big girl job interview and I got the job but i declined it because it …

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    Reflection for everything week 9


    Well, the radio shows went amazing I enjoyed listening to everyones stories. Just a cool experience all around. I didn’t know so much work went into making a 20 min audio movie.

    For my revised assignment I redid the lost hat poster. I made it more black and white to …

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    Week 8


    Well our group finished our project and i think everything went really well. Everyone contributed where they could and i think our finished product it really something special. It was hard coordinating when everyone could meet but slack really helped. I cant wait to hear what the other groups have …

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    Apocalyptic AIRWAVE Week 7


    So we had have been talking through slack and had our first officially group meeting today! I really enjoy my group members. We are all excited and wanting to make a great radio show. Samara is definitely our fearless leader for taking the lead on this. We would be lost …

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    Week 6 over


    I have learned alot and that is I need to do my assignments not all on the same day. I know I have been slacking with my posts and for week 7 I am going to spread it out and make quality posts. I had a real ruff week but …

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    Reflection for Design Canva and Ted Talks


    Well I am already very familiar with canva and have had an account for a while. I did the tutorials..

    The art of alignment Working with white space Harnessing Hierarchy Consistent Branding Design for social media Tweak These Designs Designing with shapes

    Ted Talks

    For the first one i really…
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    Book Cover


    The reason i used notebook paper is because In the book the Unnamed midwife writes about her journey but asks others along the way to add their stories and i imagined it was on any paper she could find. Also i am using the the design element of contrast.…

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    Joan Williams a face to the name


    Well here she is bad ass tough as nails with a heart of gold Joan Williams, I had a hard time putting a background behind it I am still learning about design but I think she is pretty cool. She has a horse named Biscuit.…

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    Week 5 and I’m Staying Alive


    Alrighty so I finished week 5.. Yay me.

    This week was pretty challenging to say the least because I have never ever used audio apps before so definitely a first for me. But it I think Audacity is a pretty cool app and I cant wait to use it again. …

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    So for my quote I picked was “Do something everyday that scares you” now i couldnt add instruments but i used Audacity and edited the sound to make sound pretty cool. so to hear it click here.

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    Papa Needs help


    For this assignment I decided to be the little boy from ” The Road”. He finds a house and the phone is working so he dials 911 and requests help because Papa is dead on the beach and he does not know what to do.  You can listen here.…

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    What the Freak Frequency Radio


    I thought Frequency 2156 was very interesting. I listened to alot of deep radio stations and lite hearted ones. One i listened to sounded pretty similar to the tweet along audio we listened to earlier in the week. But i did think ones were pretty creepy, one of our classmates …

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    Radio Shack


    So after listening to Jad Abumrad I really enjoyed what he had to say about the radio. He started to tell a story and focusing on how that even though radio lacks pictures that its strength as well. He said “I just painted you a picture but you were the …

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    Character’s Past: Joan Williams


    Joan Williams was born April 15, 1995 in Harrisonburg, VA. She grew up on her family’s farm. So once she was old enough to help out on the farm she would get up at 4AM milk the cows, clean the chicken coops and clean the horses cages. She did all …

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