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    Innovative Learning for a Better Future…


    As I reflect on this semester I have to look at how far I have come in my personal life, my educational life, and work life I think that I have incorporated a lot of innovation in all three of those aspects.  I have learned how to relax, and know …

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    Concluding My Independent Learning Project


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    Through this semester, there were times I regretted the topic I choose to do my Independent Study on, and times where I absolutely loved it! Overall, the experience was awesome, because ultimately, this project was totally on me to learn about.  I had honestly never …

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    The Puzzle of Life Metaphor


    Metaphors are awesome.  I think that comparing our realistic life to non-lifelike objects is awesome, and it puts a visualization to what we are sometimes personally feeling or experiencing.

    I created a metaphor based off a puzzle–“Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, but you don’t have the picture on the …

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    Graphics/Visuals To Enhance Creative Senses…


    Looking at today’s day and age, it is highly apparent that we are within a society where we make a lot of choices based off of graphics and visual representations.  Hence, I believe that it is important to know how to properly utilize a good graphics site in order to …

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    Weekly Sum Up of Daily Creates


    So yes, just yesterday I made it through my first week of daily creates–talk about cutting it close to deadlines.  However, once I finally did sit down and make myself start on these–it’s actually been really fun, and makes you think outside of the norm on some of these daily …

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    Update on My ILP


    I will be completely honest, that I have slacked this week on my ILP.  It’s kind of at a standstill, and I got extremely caught up in trying to balance school work, two jobs, and a two day vacation this weekend–hence the reason I am writing this post at 11:30 …

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    Suppressed By Technological Devices….



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    Within this day and age–it has become apparent that we have a society that is fueled by technology and what the online world has to offer.  The point of digital dependency has increased significantly within the last 10 years, and continues to do so. As …

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    Digital Activism For A Better Society


    Activism.  What does that even mean?  How has that been incorporated into the technological world?  Those were some questions that I am now able to answer after reading through the resources this week.

    I found through learning about the 6 activist functions that digital activism includes shaping public opinion, planning …

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    Who Am I Via Google?!


    Photo CC By: Sean MacEntee

    It has been quite awhile since I have google searched myself–I think the last time I did may have been in high school.  However, I try to keep a low profile, and not overly share any personal information via the internet.  Yet as I searched …

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    Digital Education Teaches Online Smarts…


    Photo CC By: Doug Belshaw

    In this day and age, the possibility of being able to access information on anyone is fairly simple.  Type in a simple google search on any person and the plethora of information can–at times–be disturbing.  Therefore, the concept of digital citizenship is highly important to …

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    Surprisingly Challenging, Surprisingly Creative


    This week we are to reflect on what our thoughts, feelings, expectations, and learning experiences have been thus far in the class.

    Through beginning this digital literacy class, I honestly thought it was just going to be another one of those technology device learning classes where we would learn a …

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    Hola! Buenos Dias!


    Photo CC By: Jon Rawlinson

    Hola! Buenos días mis compañeros de clase!  This is a Spanish phrase that I learned this week in order to be able to incorporate it into my post! It says hello, good morning my fellow classmates!! This week for my self study project, I didn’t …

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    Using DS106 For Creative Innovation


    There are times that we look at life and wonder–what are we doing with life?  Living the same routine day in and day out–just going about the motions.  What changes can we make yearly, monthly, weekly, daily to ensure that we live life to the fullest?  How can we make …

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    Let Those Students Take Responsibility


    As I have started delving into the topic of personalized learning–I realized through my research that so often as teachers we are taught to not show our views/opinions/likes/dislikes etc–and to just teach content by the standards and move on about our day.  However, as I researched personalized learning–I realized that …

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