1. Chanda Cowger

    The Value of My Experience at DS106


    As I write my final “letter home” or weekly reflection, I will share advice with future ds106 participants, especially students. Understand that I write this from the perspective of an adult student, in my mid-30′s, in the midst of a successful, demanding career, with a family and home to manage…all …

  2. Chanda Cowger

    Camp Magic MacGuffin: A place of mystery and intrigue!


    Have you heard about Camp magic MacGuffin?! What a fun and fascinating place to spend the summer! But there’s some strange things going on there!

    I first raised my eyebrows at this strange character, Jim Groom. I  missed whatever started the commotion but he managed to get himself sequestered into …

  3. Chanda Cowger

    Wrapping Up Daily Creates for Camp


    I have enjoyed The Daily Creates of ds106 and will strive for continued participation in this creative outlet even after my educational enrollment in the ds106 curriculum comes to an end. Here are the 3 daily create assignments I completed for the last week of ds106 and Camp MacGuffin…


  4. Chanda Cowger

    Remixing with Dr. Suess


    The remix assignment this week was to use the remix generator to produce a remix card paired with another assignment from the ds106 assignment repository. The task was to then interpret this as a new assignment and do it. We were instructed to look at the examples that were done …

  5. Chanda Cowger

    Video Killed the Radio Star in Week 7


    This letter home is in video, where I inserted some pictures and text into my video letter home. Still feeling my way through the video editing tools so it’s a little crude. It will get better as the assignments move into production, I’m sure. And I hope I’m looking (and …

  6. Chanda Cowger

    Video Prep Work


    Video week is really two weeks! Oh, what fun!

    Last week we were doing a lot of prep work, familiarizing ourselves with the available software programs for video editing and starting to plan our assignment completion for the unit of study in ds106. Here are the assignments that I’ve scoped …

  7. Chanda Cowger

    Last week’s Daily Creates


    Although I did these last week, I’m just getting the blog post done for them. Sorry for keeping you suspense, but I am slightly behind on my blogging due to an injury I sustained over the weekend. Wish it was at least a good story to tell but it’s not. …

  8. Chanda Cowger

    Zombie Apocalypse Radio Teaser


    In preparation for our collaborative radio show to be broadcast, I created a bumper to be broadcast on ds106radio as a teaser to get an audience tuned in July 3 @ 9pm EST. 

    This bumper was not too complicated to do. I wanted use clipped words and phrases, paired with …

  9. Chanda Cowger

    The Daily Creates…Not Quite Daily


    At ds106, we are in the midst of two weeks of audio training…learning…creating…and in my case, FUMBLING!

    I’ve been super busy with work, deadline looming. Too many extended days has kept me away from my daily participation in The Daily Creates. Truth be told, I did them pretty much all …

  10. Chanda Cowger

    Fallout in Fredericksburg


    Metaphors and Symbols in design are a simplistic way to communicate in a “universal” language. When using symbolism, it is not always necessary to use words. For instance, with street signs, one is not required to know how to READ words on the signs, but rather to know what the …

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