1. chelseairizarry

    Weekly Update


    I have been involved in the You Don’t Know Jack case for the past 2 weeks. we had a slow start but the investigation picked up quickly this week here are this weeks updates on the case. The case has been officially solved and the criminal will be handled responsibly.…

  2. chelseairizarry

    Darkening Agency Update #4


    A lot has happened in the past few day in the agency, the You Don’t Know Jack Case was solved after analysis of evidence and the capture of our suspect “Jack.” Moe, using the alias Jack, confessed in an intense interrogation with Caleb and I. He has been booked and …

  3. chelseairizarry

    The Darkening Agency Update #3


    Caleb and I have found new evidence on who Jack may be. We believe he is a student at the University of Mary Washington, using “Jack” as an alias. We believe he is an upperclassmen as well as a student who took digital storytelling. We had gotten a mocking letter …

  4. chelseairizarry

    Time Lapse


    I created (3 star) video assignment called Time Lapse in which one takes multiple 1-2 second clips of a single location. They then combine all the clips together so that the change of that location can be seen throughout the day. Similarly to the following video.…

  5. chelseairizarry

    Selfie Story


    I created a video assignment called Selfie Story. For this (4 star) assignment, one must use selfie pictures and clips to tell a 1-2 minute long story. One can add sound effects or music to make it more interesting to the viewers.

  6. chelseairizarry

    The Darkening Agency Update #2


    While investigating, Jota and Black have been spotted safe on the UMW campus though they have been walking around a little suspiciously, almost zombie like. Caleb and I believe their behavior is due to their kidnapping. Jack is still no where to be found though we have some ideas to …

  7. chelseairizarry

    The Darkening Agency Update #1


    We have received and read through our first case “You Don’t Know Jack” and have begun our search for the so called “Jack” who has likely taken taken Jota and Black captive. We will find you! We began our search in the ITCC the intelligence center of the ds106 agency. …

  8. chelseairizarry

    Agency Photo


    Complete Family Photo (3 stars)

    The following is The Darkening Agency Christmas Time Photo. Shadow is on the right and Caleb is on the left. There are no other agents making this in to a bro night reunion. Some editing on word was done to make Shadow more visible.

  9. chelseairizarry

    Shadow’s Profile


    Character’s Resume (3 stars)

    The following is Shadow’s resume. He doesn’t have much official work with an employer, but has plenty as an entrepreneur. His independent work shows that he needs little to no supervising, making him a wonderful independent employee to have.


    321 Shadow Park

    Dark, Virginia 22406…

  10. chelseairizarry

    Week 11 daily creates


    This week I did Wednesday and Sunday’s daily create:

    Happy Birthday, Black!

    This daily create was to make a meaningful birthday card for Maggie Black. This class is noir themed I took a picture I found on google of a black cat staring at the sunset and placed a birthday …

  11. chelseairizarry

    How Embarrassing…


    5 Second Film– (4.5 stars)

    Did you watch the Day in the Life of Caleb and Shadow? Well here is the video…

    And guess who decided to post the bloopers…Chelsea. She’s probably still mad I stole her blog. She used clips that were to be discarded after my video …

  12. chelseairizarry

    Shadow’s daily creates


    This week I created 4 pieces of art. Who knew I could be so creative? A Shadow, ha. I believe these turned out great!

    On Monday I took a selfie of my breakfast. Yes, I know eating cookies for breakfast is not the healthiest but hey I’m a Shadow, I …

  13. chelseairizarry

    Soccer is life!


    What’s your skill? (4.5 stars)

    I have played soccer since before I can remember, it is my passion, my life. I created this montage of clips and pictures from my trip to Memphis for Club Nationals this passed November. I have also included some fun pictures from Nationals in Arizona …

  14. chelseairizarry

    DS106 Radio week 2


    This week I listened in on Dinner Party at 6 and part of Noir Buzz. Dinner Party at 6 was very interesting though hard to figure out what was happening. Something that may have been helpful would have been some vocal cues to which character was saying what so that …

  15. chelseairizarry

    Goodbye Radio, Goodbye Dead Silence


    I was so excited to here my show Dead Silence live on the radio and once I saw what everyone tweeted about it, my day was made. It seemed as if everyone had enjoyed listening to the shows as much as I enjoyed creating it. I loved my group, Abigail …

  16. chelseairizarry

    Week 9 Daily Creates


    Monday: A Dream Staircase

    The name of this piece is “Start Small, End Big,” these are my steps to end world hunger. Although there is much more that goes into being able accomplish each step such as money, education, and time, I thought it would be best to go a …

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