1. chris_lloyd

    Das Dopplegänger ist nicht gut.


    I very much enjoyed the Dopplegänger radio story, and I found myself especially enjoying the way it was told!

    The program opened with a guest who could do imitations of Ira. I found it very confusing, because I am not very familiar with Ira so to me they did sound …

  2. chris_lloyd

    Ira Glass is Jad Abumrad is Radio


    Wow! I really did find the content in their talks compelling. The thing that struck me the most was Ira’s bit on “Good taste” and how it discourages. I had read that quote many times before, however I never knew it was from Ira or what medium it was talking …

  3. chris_lloyd

    The Five Elements of the Face


    “Circle, Square, Triangle, Line, and Dot. That’s what they tell you at least, however you don’t need dots, you can just use a short line instead. So we are left with Circle, Square, Triangle, and Line…. We have to minimize to improve the synthesis process. We can’t add infinite detail …

  4. chris_lloyd

    Ink Everywhere


    As a fountain pen enthusiast I have a love hate relationship with ink. However mostly I love it:

    Look how pretty that ink is!! Ps check out Goulet Pens, they are seriously the best! And they are located out of Ashland so shipping is fast. Anyway I love ink, especially …

  5. chris_lloyd

    Week 2 – Reflection


    I think that I met and exceeded all of the requirements for this weeks assignments. Although it wasn’t without a ton of work! Not to say that the work wasn’t rewarding, because it certainly was. Looking back at my assignments for the week I think the thing I need the …

  6. chris_lloyd

    Watch me man


    I have never been a fan of comics. I can’t say that I have ever read a single one. There was only really one that ever piqued my interest and it was Watchmen. There was something very poignant about the bleeding smiley face on the cover. Having never read the …

  7. chris_lloyd

    Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple


    Once upon a time there was a collection of big purple buttons. One existed on every single desk in every single room ever. However no one really understood what they did or why they were there. Or even when they came about? The first reference two this mysterious buttons were …

  8. chris_lloyd

    Four Napkins..


    Fourth of July seems to be rained out I thought to myself as I left my grandparents house today. What I shame! I had been swimming in the pool and having a grand old time, that is until the thunder started. My grandmother was carefully drawing something on a Napkin. …

  9. chris_lloyd

    Design Blitz!



    What better to capture the concept of Rhythm than a brick wall? In my opinion it encapsulates the concept in multiple levels. First the pattern of the bricks themselves repeating over and over, this is the main way in which it captures the idea. The next is the variation …

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