1. chris_lloyd

    What is this monster?


    This snake-rabbit was created for this visual assignment. I thought the premise of this assignment was really cool. I always jump at the opportunity to make funky images in Photoshop, so this assignment was probably the most fun I have had in the class so far!

    For the source images …

  2. chris_lloyd

    Reflections of a Safari


    Here is my Photo Safari. Looking at the requirements for the photo safari was very daunting at first. I honestly didn’t know if would be possible to pull of! I delayed doing it all of this week, because I think I was apprehensive about actually doing it. Well today …

  3. chris_lloyd

    There’s a Difference?


    What is the main difference between these photos?

    This is my interpretation of this assignment.

    It took me along while to come up with a nice idea for what I could do that would be subtle, yet easy enough to spot. When creating this piece I was constrained to items …

  4. chris_lloyd

    Frozen Eagle Bridge



    When creating this image my initial goal was to try and make the Eagle Bridge look more like a castle. I had hoped that tweaking the colors (making the photo more gray), however it wasn’t turning out very well so I decided to look for a color combination that …

  5. chris_lloyd

    Daily Create 2 ~ An Opening Line


    It had not killed him; where is the flaw?

    This daily create was submitted to here. I was tasked with creating an opening line of one of these twenty types. I decided to attempt the “pithy type”.

    Before I could come up with an opening line it felt …

  6. chris_lloyd

    Visual Assignment #1 ~ Bad Math Camp


    Make a poster an advertisment of some sort for a camp or summer activity that you enjoyed as a child. If you didn’t go to any camps as a kid, make a poster for a camp you wish you had attended.

    This is my poster for math camp. As a …

  7. chris_lloyd

    My very own Spubble..


    When creating this “Supple” I was inspired by the idea of a “meta speech bubble”. The speech bubble is meta, in that it describes itself. More than that though, the speech bubble exists to express how I can see a speech bubble, but what speech bubble am I seeing? The …

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