1. Christina Hendricks

    #prisoner106 Week 3 summary


    It’s an hour before our week 3 summary is due, I’m tired, and I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do this week. I wonder if they’ll turn off the electricity to my bungalow? Only allow me as much food as my meager credit units for this week can …

  2. Christina Hendricks

    How I came to the Village


    A belated video introduction to the Village philosopher for #prisoner106.

    The process

    This was a new one for me–it’s very simple, but I had never done a video that had both still images and moving video footage in it. Video is the one thing in #ds106 that I feel …

  3. Christina Hendricks

    Bob’s My Uncle!???


    Bernie (given name Bernice) has discovered she is a Burgeron.

    Bernie is of Dutch heritage. Her mother passed away shortly after childbirth. Her father found himself not able to care for her or her older brother and sister and left Holland for the United States with the children. Her father …

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