1. Christina Hendricks

    Striking Pay Dirt


    Betsy de R. and Aunt Sappy have struck pay dirt!

    They are not telling their story quite yet, but they wanted to show the Burgeron family some of their findings in that old tin can they found while digging late at night 2 weeks ago.


    On their way to …

  2. Christina Hendricks

    Post Cards from Cousin Froid



    Long-lost cousin Froid Burgeron from Canada (his great-Grandfather, who homesteaded in Alberta, was second-cousin to Nana Lou’s step-great-uncle, who was the seventh son of her great grandfather’s third wife by a previous marriage*) learned the family was having a #Burgeron106 reunion when he bumped into Nana Lou during a …

  3. Christina Hendricks

    Super Moo runs in the woods


    Super Moo is the newest star in the Burgeron family. Here we see her and Cow girl with their capes on.





    Here we see Super Moo running in the woods during off time (even a super hero has to have some holiday).




    If …

  4. Christina Hendricks

    Sappho: Greek Day



    Sappho has been taking some time out from her Burgeron preparations to enjoy the warm summer and all the street festivals in neighboring Bovine County towns. Although she has never known why Ma and Pa Burgeron gave her a Greek name, she has always been fascinated by antiquity and especially …

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