1. Christina Hendricks

    A radio bumper from Mama Boo


    Little Boo and I decided to take a little trip before our family reunion in August. We’ve spent the past few days in Rome–our first time here. You can see Little Boo in front of a fountain in the Piazza Navona in the picture here. No one seemed to care …

  2. Christina Hendricks

    The Abduction of Don


    There was a time when I guess other folks might have said I had been abducted by drink. And to be sure, there were days like that. Even weeks. And I suppose a couple of years were kinds like that too.

    But in all fairness, these last 20 years have …

  3. Christina Hendricks

    A Gif with Gimp by Jack!


    Well, some of the family wants to learn how to make an animated Gif and we could wait for a while to teach this on the right week of computer class but we have had a very kind gentleman doing the same computer class at the university make us a …

  4. Christina Hendricks

    Betsy de R. Reports: Timber!




    Strange goings-on investigated by ace reporter Betsy de R.

    Seems that some of the Burgeron neighbors decided the large tree between the trailer and the shed was just too close for comfort especially with the large crowd expected in August for the family reunion.

    Don Burgeron is pretty …

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