1. @ChristineMears_

    Design Blitz Challenge


    The design blitz challenge was a bit more difficult than the photo blitz challenge, as you really had to keep an eye out for detail. This week, I took a few shots from when I was out with friends, as well as at my house.

    The first photo was at …

  2. @ChristineMears_

    What if Marilyn Monroe survived?


    If Marilyn Monroe had survived her death on a Barbiturate overdose, I believe she would have gone on another hiatus before returning to the Hollywood glamorous life she lived. She went on several hiatuses in her life whenever she began to down spiral, but always returned bigger and better than …

  3. @ChristineMears_

    Reflection on Design


    After listening to the two TED Talks, I took away a couple things from each designers. Comparing the two talks, I personally think my personal design style relates more to Paula Scher. She has a clean, chic, and minimal design look; whereas David Carson had a more busy and graphic …

  4. @ChristineMears_

    Telling a Story with Photographs


    “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I have heard this quote my whole life, and I never really understood it until I was in high school, and got more into social media and actually capturing photos. Every photo I have has an amazing story or memory that comes to …

  5. @ChristineMears_

    Photoblitz Challenge


    Being a person who loves Instagram, and is constantly taking photos for my fashion blog and other medias that I am an ambassador for, the tips on photography were a great help. As mentioned in the tips, one should think about the photo they want to take, instead of just …

  6. @ChristineMears_

    Week One Midweek Post


    Although I have officially created every social media account needed for the course, I still do not have access to the slack channel. I’m hoping that will be fixed within the next week. Growing up in this day and age, looking at the assignment to create all of these different …

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