1. cjdigiulian

    Weekly Summary #1


    Reflections upon Weekly Media:




    Scott Lo’s podcast, Gardner Campbell’s essay and video, and Michael Wesch’s presentation showed me how to mark my prsence in the digital world through writing, radio, etc. I personaly enjoyed Scott Lo’s podcast more than the onlince lectures because they were more in …

  2. cjdigiulian

    Michael Wesch’s Presentation


    I found his little in class experiments really interesting. About half the students do not like school but none of the students said they did not like to learn. I like how he went about this like an anthropologist and tried to figure out why there was this discrepancy. The …

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    Blog of Scott Lo’s Podcast


    He has a very nice voice to listen to. I like how he went back to the source, the ds106 zone, using podcasts. I agree with him that I wouldn’t listen to any more than 5 minutes. I also like the casual atmosphere he uses while talking. The radio play …

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    The Daily Create 5/26/13


    Dear Teenager,

    Your life is beginning to shape itself and forming a path for the years coming. You are receiving your license, applying to colleges, making friendships that will last a lifetime, and pursuing various extracurricular activities. All of these have one thing in common; you must have responsibility in …

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    The Daily Create 5/23/13



    This is my daily create from 5/23/13. It expresses good times. This particular photo shows me and my siblings smiling after I got home from school from the summer.…

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