1. cjkoenderman

    The Unfinished Text: Writing Digitally


    Hi all,

    We finally posted our “finished,” or not so finished, pieces to CommentPress. Because our site is not open for public view quite yet, I’d like to share my piece–my subchapter–titled “The Unfinished Text: Writing Digitally” here.

    I hope you enjoy it and, please, let me know your thoughts!…

  2. cjkoenderman

    A Video Worth a Look


    I had to watch this video for class and I couldn’t help but share it with you all!

    There are quite a few things that I love and find interesting about this video. The main one being that it uses clips from Disney movies (Disney is one of the strictest …

  3. cjkoenderman

    Google Maps: 19th Century Concord Digital Archive


    I have a confession to make: I’ve never used Google Maps.

    Well, not “never.” I used it once, before I went to Paris, to see the University where I was dorming. However, besides that one experience, I had never used Google Maps. Until tonight!

    This week in class we will …

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