1. cjkoenderman

    “We Walk” to Make a Difference


    This week’s assignment for my Digital Literary Studies class is to follow a few Digital Humanities tweeters on Twitter. (Who knew there were so many DH tweeters! I guess I should have guessed. You can tell I’m not too familiar with Twitter…!) I followed quite a few of them! There …

  2. cjkoenderman

    DocuBurst is Bursting with Information?


    I used DocuBurst for the first time tonight…and I’m still deciding how I think it went. (As a side note, Docuburst is a free online tool that allows the user to visualize content of their own work or published work. The user can search a specific word in a maximum …

  3. cjkoenderman

    Exploring Google Ngram


    Tonight I explored Google Ngram, but it wasn’t the first time I did so. I find Google Ngram to be a very interesting tool, a tool that I could spend quite a bit of time playing with. I find it fascinating to track a word, or words, in lots and …

  4. cjkoenderman

    What’s up, Digital Humanities?


    When I think about my relationship with the the Digital Humanities, a few things come to mind. I think about the way in which the internet and technology are not only changing the way we communicate, but the way we teach and the way we learn, too. I think about …

  5. cjkoenderman

    Final Project Posted!


    My final project has “finally” been posted! You can find it under “Final Project Introduction and Appendix,” “The Fallacy of Digital Rights,” and “Self Evident Truths.” (I suggest reading it in that order!) The introduction gives a thorough explanation of the project’s purpose and a brief explanation of the point …

  6. cjkoenderman

    Another Final Project Sneak Peak


    Here’s another sneak peak at my final project.

    Read Adrian Chen’s “Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web” and participate in the poll!

    Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='http://s1.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/shortcodes/js/polldaddy-shortcode.js';s=d.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(pd,s);} else if(typeof jQuery !=='undefined')jQuery(d.body).trigger('pd-script-load');}(document,'script','pd-polldaddy-loader'));

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts!




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