1. claireteetay

    Unit 9: Summary


    I found this unit very enjoyable in learning new aspects of media, and progressing experience I already know about the concept.

    Look listen and analyze really helped my critical evaluation of movies. This aspect broke up a film scene by watching visually, listening to audio, and then putting both together …

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    Unit 9: exploring the move EVEN further…


    Ive explained briefly before hand in Unit 9 when analysing the camera shots and audio, there were easy technical clues that prompted me to identify the genre by a small movie scene.

    “Crime (gangster) films are developed around the sinister actions of criminals or mobsters, particularly bankrobbers, underworld figures, …

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    Unit 9: Exploring the movie even more


    Interesting filming facts about Michael Manns 1995 movie ‘Heat’ starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino;

    1) “Principal photography for Heat lasted 107 days. All of the shooting was done on location, Mann deciding not to use a soundstage.” 

    It seems very strange that all filming was shot primarily …

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    Unit 9: Look, Listen, Analyse


    Heat – Pacino and De Niro Restaurant scene 

    Just into the first 10 seconds of the opening scene, you can already identify the genre through the use of camera technique. the scene begins following an over the shoulder shot, set up of a steady cam. the shot is very close …

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    Unit 5 Summary


    At the end of this Unit, I am feeling some what impressed. Photography has never been my strongest point. I am never able to see through photography and capture pictures with meaning. However, this Unit has taught me such thing of point the camera and shooting with meaning – finding …

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    Unit 5 – Visual Assignments


    ‘Splash That Colour’

    Ive seen this concept before – the idea of a primary object dominated by the a smaller significant secondary object elicited by the colour burst. Hopefully my picture has fulfilled the same idea.

    you’d be surprised how little effort you need to put into creating something like …

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    “Take a photo that expresses human emotion”

    “Take a photo that represents the idea of ‘openness”

    “Take a photo of two things that dont belong together”

    “Take a photo dominated by a single colour”

    “Take a photo of something at an unusual angle”

    I chose to do this assignment in …

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    Becoming better photographers.


    Create Depth: Look for ways to add dimension of visual depth in your 2 dimensional images- play with foreground, lines, use of wide angle lenses, use of dark backgrounds

    to create a photo with perception, its needs to be given depth – and to achieve this, objects with an obvious …

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    Unit 4 summary


    To summarize this module, I did genuinely enjoy Unit 4 learning about what is audio story telling and how it works.

    The key points I have learnt from researching audio story telling from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad is how story telling is so unique, and how story telling creates …

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    Listening to DS106 radio


    Listening to the DS106 radio was rather interesting to say the least. There is a very mixed broad of genre to the radio – which was somewhat confusing to me, and also intriguing to follow the story to understand what was going on. when I first tuned into the radio, …

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    Listening to Audio


    I personally feel we dont appreciate stories as much as we think we do – the power and the potential impact story telling can have on us. Radio story telling is an interesting concept, its preferably not what most of us enjoy than a good book or a good film …

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    Unit 3 Summary Checklist


    Unit 3 summary checklist

     Its quite hard to be put on the spot and told to ‘you, in 100 words describe was so and so means’. But when it came to being asked what story telling meant to myself, no Googling, no writing down notes – just type. so i …

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    Digital Story telling


    When it comes to digital story telling, these Childline advertisements are the most relevant examples you can get. With digital story telling its creates this narrative to dramatically connect and causes us to release many different emotions.

    With this advert its creates such a powerful story – we follow the …

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    The shape of stories


    The Fault in our stars

    1. Hazel grace has cancer

    2. She meets Gus who brings her spirits up, and gradually falls deeply in love

    3. Gus gets cancer

    4. Gus dies

    5. Hazel finds a note from Gus explaining how much he loves her


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    Unit summery checklist


    I find blog making quite a challenge, purely for my unfamiliarity with this web platform – i have to admit my skills with WordPress are very limited and very unimaginative. BUT i’m getting there – i’m learning, and my blog is starting to slowly develop and my skills knowledge and …

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    A personal cyberinfra.. what?


    My thoughts exactly – what is a personal cyberinfrastructure? and what is a digital facelift? over the last week or so i have been hopping back and forward between units trying to carefully avoid having to do this assignment. but i have finally came around to it, and ive finally …

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    What is Story telling


    Story telling is to lose all sense of what is real – a sort of escapism, a set of tales, fairytales, real or fantasy that brings you an imagination, thats brings you to enter the world of the story by creating images, smells, touch, senses. One of the most powerful …

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    Say it like peanut butter



    My favourite all time movie is Star Trek, and what better opportunity to experience the awe and brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch.

    The assignment required me to make a gif but also ‘making sure the movement is minimal but essential’ – This gif is not minimal, or short in that …

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    Daily Create 1: i feel like…




    The first entry i was required to make was to research on the concept of the ‘Daily create’ – whereby you are given small daily creative tasks to design. Today’s tasks was to make a 2 minute doodle describing how you felt. It was 9am, completely raining outside …

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