1. Catherine Mohr

    Fan Fiction


    So, for the last design challenge, I did minimalist posters for Harry Potter.

    This time, I wanted to make a minimalist poster for one of my favorite movies (and books-that’s right, I’ve read the books by Michael Crichton), Jurassic Park. The moment I wanted to convey was the first terror …

  2. Catherine Mohr

    Future ds106er


    To the future ds106 student, let me give you this organized list of advice for your semester:

    Be interesting or interested in something else. I know that sounds like the lamest advice in the world, but this class thrives on you. The class can be really fun if you let…
  3. Catherine Mohr

    Another piece for my final.


    So, remember that awkward moment during Star Wars: A New Hope when those storm troopers get Jedi mind-tricked by Obi Wan Kenobi? I had just finished talking with my dad about whether or not we should buy Star Wars on Blue-Ray when my internet went out and I got this …

  4. Catherine Mohr

    Now that this is two weeks late.


    Ok, this has been ridiculous and I feel like I have my old-man-nature really showed itself on this assignment. I had a hard time with the movie getting on my computer and then saving it and then the actual talking part and then the uploading it to youtube bit. Gah. …

  5. Catherine Mohr



    I’m going to be home for the next few days! Well, kind of. I’m leading an event and am basically going to be home. I will have everything that I am late on up by Sunday, promise promise promise! This past week has just been crazy trying to get all …

  6. Catherine Mohr

    I’m an idiot.


    You may have noticed my lack of a video for the Video Essay assignment for our class. Well, that would be because I’m an idiot and didn’t save things correctly and subsequently, the project that I finished is back to the first scene. So, that little bit will be late(r …

  7. Catherine Mohr

    Pixar through the ages.


    Time for another moment of honesty here: I think Pixar is the best film producing company out there. Their films (with the one exception of Cars because I didn’t like it as much as the others) have been consistently made some of the best movies. Apparently, loads of other people …

  8. Catherine Mohr

    First part of final project!!


    Yay!! Ok, so last week we did the Webstory bit with changing of actual websites and such.

    So, I applied that to Google to give some highlights from the story of The Great Gatsby. Such as how important symbolism and who even likes Daisy anyway?

    It’s a little big for …

  9. Catherine Mohr

    Sweater Wars


    For my webstory, I created a news article about the Great Sweater Wars between Cosby lovers and Mr. Rogers fans. I went to NY Times and Changed as many text things as I could. Such as where it is (Neighborhood), the links to other news articles (all sweater themed), captions …

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