1. cmoton18

    Weekly Summary 9


    I feel like this week was very easy compared to the amount of work we’ve had in the previous weeks!

    First was the evaluation of radio shows. I shared my thoughts on the Digital StoryFellas show and my group’s show, Wacky History. My reflections can be found here and here

  2. cmoton18

    A Wacky Review


    Wacky History is as simple as it sounds. Our group focused on the history or random, wacky objects. We all did our segments separately so it was nice to hear how they all came together in the end. I honestly have nothing negative to say about the show and I …

  3. cmoton18

    Digital StoryFellas: A Review


    The radio show I had to review was Digital StoryFellas.

    Overall the audio was good but levels aren’t even at some point and there are fluctuation of volumes.  As a whole the show was clear of unnecessary background noises except for one small part. The audio editing was average, you …

  4. cmoton18

    Daily Create Story


    Here’s a little story about the week I had. I, Cheryl, wanted to take a day trip this week. I decided to get dressed up real nice and go to the local art museum to check out the Picasso tribute they had this month. I woke up Thursday morning, …

  5. cmoton18

    All About A Cool Tool


    This assignment worth 3.5 stars required me to “find a cool, easy to use digital tool online!” and write a brief tutorial on how to use it.

    Today’s tutorial will be on how to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. I have found this useful in many different assignments, specifically …

  6. cmoton18

    Storytelling within the Web


    The IMBD page for The Notebook with a slightly different description.

    The assignment had us change something about a preexisting web page to tell a story. I decided to change in IMBD page because it gives the description of a movie so I wanted to change it into my own …

  7. cmoton18

    Weekly Summary 7&8


    These two weeks went by so fast! All the work with the radio show made the days fly by but luckily my group stayed on top of things and everything was done on time. The process of working with audio has been fun and a learning experience. I’ve learned more …

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