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    Horror Marginalia: “The Outsider”


    There’s a great metaphor woven through Stephen King’s “The Outsider”: the cut-open cantaloupe that’s filled with maggots.

    It’s a clever metaphor for the novel’s titular Outsider, a metaphor he extends to a ghoulish conclusion in the book’s last act.

    But in its less on-the-nose way, it’s about the unknowability of …

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    Horror Marginalia: “Downrange”


    Six strangers who are carpooling to mostly unknown destinations are derailed when a tire blows on a desolate stretch of highway. In changing it, they discover that the tire was actually shot by an unseen sniper somewhere out there in the landscape around them, and that sniper is out to …

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    Horror Marginalia: “Goosebumps”


    I was a little older than the target market for Goosebumps, so they weren’t an integral part of my horror childhood. But my writing partner and I are tackling some middle-grade horror, so I dipped my toe into the R.L. Stine pond.

    I find them really charming books, delivering just …

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    Connecting Audience and Space


    It’s not just the content of the program that counts. It’s why that content matters in your space. 

    A lot of what we create programmatically can happen at home. You can screen a film on Netflix. You can watch a YouTube video of an author discussing their book. You can …

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    Reach Who You Reach


    It’s important to devote energy to expanding the community of people you serve. But we can waste a lot of energy comparing our reach to the reach of other organIzations.

    Their success isn’t our failure. Maybe our neighbor organization is really killing it with college-age students. Obsessing about how we …

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    Don’t Build Audience – Build Community.


    In arts programming, we don’t build audience. We build community. 

    Thinking about audience makes our programming transactional. It’s a one-off proposition: We make a thing. People come. We count the numbers. We’re done.

    Thinking about community makes our programming about relationships. It’s an ongoing proposition: We make a space. People …

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    Cody Daigle-Orians 2016-02-02 11:27:11


    It’s really easy to say, “I should have the freedom to write whatever story I want, to write whatever characters I want, because I am a writer and that’s my work.”

    But your plays aren’t just about you. They have to exist in a real world with real people and …

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    Cody Daigle-Orians 2016-01-20 09:54:10


    When we’re talking about white privilege, we’re not talking about white people getting whatever they want because they’re white. (You still have to contend with other marginalizations, white people. Like social status, education, geography, income, ect.)

    We’re talking about white people working from the most advantageous place inside our biased …

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    Cody Daigle-Orians 2016-01-19 17:04:16


    So when you’re thinking about systemic racism:

    White people, across the board, fare better in this country than people of color in any number of markers: education, incarceration, wealth, ect. White people statistically fare better.

    So you’re left with the question — why? You’ve got three answers, basically.

    1. White …

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    Lafayette, After


    I moved to Hartford with my husband almost a year ago, and one of the unexpected by-products of that move is an almost constant awareness and communcation of my southerness. I’m aware of it always. I process experiences here in connection to it. I started cooking just to learn hwo …

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    The Woman’s Part celebrates women in theatre, both at the dawn of their professional entrance to the business and in today’s world. Act One takes place in 1669 London, and follows Aphra Behn, the first professional female playwright, as she brings her first play “Forced Marriage” to the stage. The …

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    2015: 12 in 12


    I always try to listen to the Universe when it sends messages.

    In the last few months, at least three different playwright friends floated the idea of a 2015 Playwriting Challenge: 12 plays in 12 months.

    Eh. Why not?

    So, I’m setting myself on a course to 12 new plays …

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    2014: A Listicle with “Drag Race” gifs!


    2014 was a pretty awesome year. When it started, I was pretty confident I’d be ready for whatever was coming my way.





    Here are the five most awesome things that happened this year — with “Drag Race” gifs!

    1. Lots of new play stuff going on! …

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    On Leelah, On Leaving, On Staying


    “My death needs to mean something.”

    There’s a litany of things in Leelah Alcorn’s suicide note that are heartbreaking. That, for me, is the hardest.

    “My death needs to mean something.”

    Leelah Alcorn’s suicide calls us to a do and become aware of a lot of things. We have to …

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    Back at the Table


    Today, I went to church.

    I know that doesn’t seem like much. But this was the first time I attended a mass of any kind in about ten years.

    I was raised Catholic in the Deep South (so you can guess how rigid and un-gay friendly that experience was.) So …

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    On Mentoring and Generosity


    You may think of mentorship as a formal relationship. Of a master artist taking a new playwright under their wing, of influencing their development as a writer. This is definitely one model. But it’s not the only one… Mentoring is an easy habit to pick up and develop. It doesn’t …

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    A Full-Length Comedy with Songs
    Play by Cody Daigle
    Songs by Rebecca Ungermann
    Incidental Score by Suzy Meredith-Orr
    Originally commissioned by The Playhouse Tulsa

    PRODUCTION NOTE: Although the commissioned script is set in Tulsa and contains many Oklahoma-specific references, my fellow authors and I would love to tweak the references …

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    PROVIDENCE is published as part of Indie Theatre Now, an innovative online catalogue of new plays and indie playwrights. To download the play, visit the play’s webpage here.

    from the MTWorks 2008 production

    The play was first produced by Manhattan Theatre Works (MTWorks) in 2008. The show has …

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    A playwriting exercise given on the fly via Twitter by Kristoffer Diaz. (@kristofferdiaz) His charge: “write a short or longer play about sending rain to hell. Seriously.”

    The result is below. Fun to do. Thanks, Kristoffer. Cheers sir.



    Exterior of a small Oklahoma farmhouse. An expanse of the …

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