1. codydaigleorians

    “Burnt Offerings”


    900 bucks to rent a giant sprawling estate for the whole summer.

    It’s too good to be true, of course. It’s a horror movie, after all. And the house in BURNT OFFERINGS puts its summer inhabitants through hell.

    A family, led by Karen Black and Oliver Reed, rent a decaying …

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    A movie that really leans into the horror-comedy hybrid, TERRORVISION is a campy monster romp with a killer opening theme song.

    A suburban family who’s a wild collection of extreme 80s spoof stereotypes gets a satellite dish. While the thing’s getting installed, a weird electrical bolt from outer space hits …

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    “mon mon mon MONSTERS”


    A quartet of total high school assholes frame a fellow student with stealing class dues. Their teacher assigns community service for the frames student… and makes the asshole quartet join him. Their assignment: assist elderly folks who are living in a strange underground apartment complex that’s pretty much absolute squalor.…

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    “The Suckling”


    THE SUCKLING is bonkers.

    Playing like a horror film made on the fly by a few amateur pro-life filmmakers, this movie is one of the weirdest flicks I’ve seen in a while. It’s an anti-abortion missive wrapped up in a monster movie/exploitation film hybrid.

    A teenage couple get pregnant, and …

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    “Alone in the Dark”


    With an opening scene that plays like some community theatre production of a horror stage play adaptation of Hooper’s “Nighthawks,” ALONE IN THE DARK establishes his campy-creepy fucked up worldview with a flourish.

    Hard to imagine the film going any other way, with three dedicated scenery-chewers in the mix: Donald …

  6. codydaigleorians

    “Flavor” Issue 2.


    Two issues in to FLAVOR, and I’m already eager to see where Joseph Keatinge will take this world.

    This second issue doesn’t have quite the propulsive force of the first, but it introduces a few new narrative wrinkles — a new character, a secret past for Geof, and the secret …

  7. codydaigleorians

    Stop apologizing for success.


    Yesterday, I got my first “Hey! We wanna publish your short story!” email.

    First moment response: “FUCK YEAH! This is awesome! Feels pretty good. Validating. I must be a pretty good writer!”

    Second moment response: “But it’s probably not a big deal, really. I don’t think a lot of people …

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    Make it weird.


    I’ve been thinking about HEREDITARY all weekend.

    I really admire its ambition. It’s bonkers and it’s over the top and it sort of throws everything at the screen. Some of it succeeds brilliantly. Some of it doesn’t.

    I like that.

    It takes confidence to allow failure to be a part …

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    She slammed into the train car at 4:58.

    He knew, because he was on his phone, texting Claire that he’d made it on the 4:59 train from New Haven and would be in New York by 6:40. Claire wouldn’t answer. She would still be asleep. But she’d wake up and …

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    Bearded Fruit: Pride


    Bearded Fruit is the queer politics and culture podcast I create with my husband, Neil.

    We were on an extended hiatus, but have returned to the mic. Hopefully, we will be delivering monthly episodes.

    Here’s our return episode: “Pride.”…

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    Horror Marginalia: “The Outsider”


    There’s a great metaphor woven through Stephen King’s “The Outsider”: the cut-open cantaloupe that’s filled with maggots.

    It’s a clever metaphor for the novel’s titular Outsider, a metaphor he extends to a ghoulish conclusion in the book’s last act.

    But in its less on-the-nose way, it’s about the unknowability of …

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    Horror Marginalia: “Downrange”


    Six strangers who are carpooling to mostly unknown destinations are derailed when a tire blows on a desolate stretch of highway. In changing it, they discover that the tire was actually shot by an unseen sniper somewhere out there in the landscape around them, and that sniper is out to …

  13. codydaigleorians

    Horror Marginalia: “Goosebumps”


    I was a little older than the target market for Goosebumps, so they weren’t an integral part of my horror childhood. But my writing partner and I are tackling some middle-grade horror, so I dipped my toe into the R.L. Stine pond.

    I find them really charming books, delivering just …

  14. codydaigleorians

    Connecting Audience and Space


    It’s not just the content of the program that counts. It’s why that content matters in your space. 

    A lot of what we create programmatically can happen at home. You can screen a film on Netflix. You can watch a YouTube video of an author discussing their book. You can …

  15. codydaigleorians

    Reach Who You Reach


    It’s important to devote energy to expanding the community of people you serve. But we can waste a lot of energy comparing our reach to the reach of other organIzations.

    Their success isn’t our failure. Maybe our neighbor organization is really killing it with college-age students. Obsessing about how we …

  16. codydaigleorians

    Don’t Build Audience – Build Community.


    In arts programming, we don’t build audience. We build community. 

    Thinking about audience makes our programming transactional. It’s a one-off proposition: We make a thing. People come. We count the numbers. We’re done.

    Thinking about community makes our programming about relationships. It’s an ongoing proposition: We make a space. People …

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