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    Dear #ds106


    Advice for ds106 from University of Mary Washington students, a video project by Nora Forknall…

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    The Small Random Things That Openness Affords


    This kind of small act of near random #ds106 connection will not increase enrollments, will not “fix” education, will not improve institutional metrics… yet I just cannot let it slip by without a small “wow”.

    And the ironic thing is that the tweet in which I saw it came into …

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    How The Web Was / Is Won


    A few weeks ago I got an email from Justin Reich asking if I wanted to run a workshop on connected courses with him at DML 2016. Heck yeah! I’m a big follower of his work, and it was Justin who got me on board doing an aggregation hub a …

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    #TDC1500: A Daily Create Odyssey


    Some of the best experiences doing the DS106 Daily Create are taking on one that you think is maybe not all that special, interesting, and falling into a magic shiny rabbit hole… in the act of just letting the mind fly open and also stumbling across the unexpected trigger.

    I’m …

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    Notes From the Lazy B



    Can I get a badge?

    As much as I enjoy reading, I am a pathetic xMOOC-like reader- I keep signing up and rarely complete. I have at least 3 books on a table at home with a bookmark in the middle, and on my …

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    ds106 – CogDogBlog 2016-01-25 01:47:54


    At my November checkup my doctor did the same routines he has done 4 times a year for the last 5 years I’ve visited, but this time he came up with something new.

    “I hear a heart murmur.”

    Murmur? Is that like a heart having a speech impediment?

    I recalled …

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    How The West Was Lost


    I love this framed print, it’s in my office now. I am fairly sure it was something my ex found as we did yard sales in Scottsdale, she was super good at finding such treasures.

    “How The West Was Lost” is just dripping with symbolism and icons and mostly irony. …

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    The Short Life of Grumpy The Cowboy Snowman


    A cowboy made of snow showed up on my deck on January 6. He was not much of a smiler. Over the next 11 days, Ole Grumpy (as I called ) him, lost his clothes, then blew up in weight (from a later snow), but then started wasting away.

    By …

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    DS106 Welcomes CU Denver for a Spring 2016 Course

    Yes, I am a placeholder so that the course tag for Learning With Digital Stories will work! This is a graduate class consisting primarily of Instructional Learning Technology majors and Language & Literacy majors. Our students come from a wide range of professional fields and offer a...
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    An Unexpected Affirmation for Why I Teach


    Serendipity would have no magic if it did not sneak up on you and lovingly whack you on the side of your normality.

    On a beautiful Saturday when I ought to be outside playing in the fresh snow, I am instead pounding away at this #%$*@ keyboard working on web …

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