1. cogdog

    Howdy, Pardner! Round Up For #Western106


    This storytelling drive is going to happen. There is a roundup for January 2016, when me and some other riders are gathering to do a new round of The One The Only The Stomp Over MOOCs Open Course in Digital Storytelling, DS106. It’s been riding the open internet plains …

  2. cogdog

    Time Traveling With Google Streetview


    Well, you might only be able to go back to 2007. And Google Streetview often does not provide too many exit doors. But this seemed like a cool discovery, simply at random.

    Last weekend I was driving north from home on highway 87, and coming down the hill from the …

  3. cogdog

    I’m So Mappy


    For the love of the web, ignore this. Just testing some code stuff. Can’t figure who the bleep wants to autotweet this; it’s not me.

    Everything below the line came from http://splot.ca/comparator/made/18/

    $(window).load(function() { $('#container').beforeAfter({ imagePath: "http://splot.ca/wp-content/themes/comparator/js/", }); $('#container').draggable(); }); …

  4. cogdog



    Trying to make a YT video loop with iframe code:

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/y48hmNVvPis?loop=1&playlist=y48hmNVvPis" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Get embed code from YT Add to URL for src= the parameters ?loop=1&playlist=y48hmNVvPis where the value for playlist= matches the part of the url after /embed/ (the YT Id for the video)…
  5. cogdog

    Image Bending in Audacity



    The frames of this gif (image data) were edited in audio editing software. It’s in the realm of glitch art as the effects created are largely unpredictable. It’s a matter of saving an image in an uncompressed format, importing into Audacity, applying an effect or two, and exporting back …

  6. cogdog

    A New DS106 Summer Experience

    to a web browser near you… University of Northern British Columbia ENGL304: Digital Art And online community exploring the theory and practice of digital art over Summer 2014.. STARRING creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog STAY...
  7. cogdog

    When the course is over…


    Yeah, c’mon

    When the course is over
    When the course is over, yeah
    When the course is over
    Keep on the blogs
    Keep on the blogs
    Keep on the blogs, yeah

    For the blog is your special friend
    Keep on feeding as it intends
    Blog is your only friend
    Until …

  8. cogdog

    GMU Week 8: One Final Story

    Your mission, very possible. Your Final Project Your Final Project cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by gak You can find all the details for the final project written up as a specification. To re-iterate Now is your chance...

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