1. cogdog

    In Open Courses Our Glasses Remain Proportionally Empty


    public domain Wikiemdia Commons image by LuciaSofo

    You don’t [usually] pay for an open course. You don’t depend on it for a grade. You have nothing at stake except your own interest in a topic. “Failure” and “dropout” are words without meaningful meaning here.

    But we cannot help ourselves, Not …

  2. cogdog

    The GIFaChrome Experience


    The GIFaChrome Party House Band, the music genius of David Kernohan and Vivien & Rolfe

    I have no idea how to even blog what culminated today for headless ds106. Maybe it was because what was in the boxes. Trying to write this up sells it short. But one ought …

  3. cogdog

    Headless Week 15: The End is Near (or is it?)

    Believe it or not, Ripley, this is the last phase of the open ds106 Digital Storytelling course— aka Headless ds106. For anyone left, we have a final story project challenge and a few closing bits of reflection we ask you to share. The deadline is anytime between now and...

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