1. cogdog

    How The West Was Lost


    I love this framed print, it’s in my office now. I am fairly sure it was something my ex found as we did yard sales in Scottsdale, she was super good at finding such treasures.

    “How The West Was Lost” is just dripping with symbolism and icons and mostly irony. …

  2. cogdog

    The Short Life of Grumpy The Cowboy Snowman


    A cowboy made of snow showed up on my deck on January 6. He was not much of a smiler. Over the next 11 days, Ole Grumpy (as I called ) him, lost his clothes, then blew up in weight (from a later snow), but then started wasting away.

    By …

  3. cogdog

    DS106 Welcomes CU Denver for a Spring 2016 Course

    Yes, I am a placeholder so that the course tag for Learning With Digital Stories will work! This is a graduate class consisting primarily of Instructional Learning Technology majors and Language & Literacy majors. Our students come from a wide range of professional fields and offer a...
  4. cogdog

    An Unexpected Affirmation for Why I Teach


    Serendipity would have no magic if it did not sneak up on you and lovingly whack you on the side of your normality.

    On a beautiful Saturday when I ought to be outside playing in the fresh snow, I am instead pounding away at this #%$*@ keyboard working on web …

  5. cogdog

    On Medium a Title is Often the Entire Story


    To totally mangle McLuhan is medium.com the message? Does it control the message? What is the message?

    I will unfairly pick on one story in my assertion that for a lot of what people publish on medium- the entire arc of the story is contained within a click bait title. …

  6. cogdog

    A Fistful of Western DS106


    That’s the classic Man With No Name minimal utterance “Get three more coffins ready” in the clip from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western masterpiece A Fistful of Dollars (I love how after the gunfight scene that follows he says, as holstering his gun, “My mistake, make it four coffins”).

    For thinking …

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