1. confusedeasily

    Be a better photographer


    This week we got a lot more suggestions on how to be a better photographer and they really did help me with the key points. The one that I found most helpful were good lighting. Good lighting seems really important because how are you suppose to have a good picture …

  2. confusedeasily

    My Flickr Update


    I chose these pictures because I loved them duhh I thought that these were all planned out and executed very well. I chose my collage of faces because all of them were different and they all had a different meaning behind them. I chose the one where I drew a …

  3. confusedeasily



    I actually never realized that taking pictures could be so hard before, especially when I am in a rush. I thought that my room had a lot of different things that I could take pictures of but boy was I wrong. So when I started my timer and after the …

  4. confusedeasily



    The idea of drawing a picture from a photograph sounds more confusing then it actually is. When I took a picture of a guitar my first thought was that I really with I could play the guitar like all of my friends. Whenever they all play the guitar together I …

  5. confusedeasily



    The optical illusion was the easiest one to do. In this picture I got my friend Emily and my friend Laura to pose while I took a picture of them. The object of this picture was to make it look like they were holding the moon, which was in the …

  6. confusedeasily

    Paper Mache Lion


    When I was younger my favorite animal used to be a tiger and in art class I would always spend time drawing tigers and whenever we would have to do paper mache I always tried to make a tiger but I was not the most gifted person so my tigers …

  7. confusedeasily

    A-Z Collage


    For the A-Z collage I decided to use a topic that is both interesting and cool to look at which is why I chose insects. The main reason that I chose bugs was because I have always been fascinated with bugs since I was a child. Since I have always …

  8. confusedeasily

    Eyes are totally weird


    I like meeting new people because everyone is different. My friend introduced me to his friend and he seemed like he had no emotion what so ever. He had the most beautiful eyes I ever seen so I took a picture of it and when I read this assignment I …

  9. confusedeasily

    Madonna Remake


    My friend is really photogenic and her name is Emily, she does snapchats like all the time so I thought when I saw the Madonna make all of her more sexual faces.  I wanted to do the more modern faces you would see on Facebook. There is one picture that …

  10. confusedeasily

    I hear you loud and clear


    This week is almost over and you know what I am a little sad about that but not too much because that just means a new week is starting up. This whole I have been sick and it was very difficult for me to do my audio like my bumper. …

  11. confusedeasily

    First Live Radio Show I have every heard


    While listening to the radio show I was a bit confused just because I did not know what I was listening too cause I just jumped right in there and started to listen. Unfortunately when I started to listen the person was finishing talking but I did hear a lot …

  12. confusedeasily

    I Hear a Story…


    This was my favorite thing to do all week The Five Sound Story. I wanted to do someone making soup since I am sick but I thought thought that would be too easy and I really wanted to challenge myself. So there for I did someone leaving to somewhere (I …

  13. confusedeasily

    Storytelling through radio


    Many people have different views on how storytelling is and how stories should be told, but they all have at least something in common. When I listened to Ira Glass’ Series on storytelling (Part 1 and Part 2), he mentioned a lot of interesting point like about how …

  14. confusedeasily



    Once upon a time there was a couple that loved each other so much that they never realized what there were doing most of the time they just know that they were romantically in love with one another. One day as they gazed into each others eyes their concentration was …

  15. confusedeasily

    Shape of a story


    After I watched Kurt Vonnegut video I wanted to pick something that was my favorite and I knew that most about so I had to pick my favorite book, Matilda. When I heard Kurt Vonnegut talk about whole idea of a stepmother and evil sisters and what not I could …

  16. confusedeasily

    Hmm Story..telling


    When I hear the word storytelling a lot comes to mind. Like reading a story or telling someone a story, but what does not come to mind is lying to make a story be entertaining. I think when some one tells a story the want to let others know about …

  17. confusedeasily

    Lets Get It Started


    So far this week is going all fine, I learned my lesson last week and I am going to start doing these things everyday well update it everyday because last week I get getting tongue tied. I think this will be more productive and will make my blogs sound much …

  18. confusedeasily



    Well this week was a hassle for me. I joined this class in the middle of the week like Wednesday or something and every since then I have been struggling. I think it is just because I am not use to social networks even though I am young I should …

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